Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombie: Skills, Talismans, Arsenal and Elixirs

image2 71 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: Skills, Talismans, Arsenal and Elixirs

The Call of Duty edition not only brings three new Zombie cards, but also completely new possibilities for creating a character class.

We will start installing skill, elixirs, talismans, starting weapons, basic equipment or special weapons.

This mode allows you to use different strategies and also allows you to go through the maps in several ways.


The developers of Black Ops 4 do not want to stay in one place. The zombie talent system has been completely overhauled and only allows you to acquire four skills in the entire game. After choosing a certain “perk”, during the game we can only count on such an improvement.

Each of the skills rewards the player with a special power that will make it easier to survive in the next rounds. After activating three skills, the fourth one receives a special bonus that further develops this ability. After losing health points, we lose all previously acquired assets.

The following list shows all available abilities in the game:

  • Break in time – hardware upgrade time increases. A powerful strike is faster. Significantly reduces the time of traps and fast travel.
  • Quick Resuscitation – Shorter delay before regenerating health and faster regeneration rate. Accelerated resuscitation of players.
  • Necro-optics – The player can see nearby enemies through walls. Indicators appear on the screen that indicate enemies approaching the player.
  • Energizer – Increased movement and sprint speed. Faster recovery of strength.
  • Electronic Charge – Reloading generates an electrical charge that damages and stuns nearby enemies. The less ammo, the more damage.
  • Last Wishes – Instead of last chance mode, the player enters berserk mode for 9 seconds. In this mode, the player is immune to damage and deals increased melee damage. After completing it, the player is left with 1 health point, the cooldown increases with each use.
  • Stronghold – Standing still creates a protective ring around the player that grants a bonus to damage and armor.
  • Testudo Formation – Raised shield blocks damage from any direction. When the shield is destroyed, it causes a defensive explosion.
  • Cel-Pal – Shoots at the enemy’s head using aiming tools. Reduced spread and recoil when firing from the hip. Doesn’t swing when aiming.
  • Bandolierowy Bandyta – The player carries an increased amount of ammo.
  • Winter whine – Taking melee damage causes a cold explosion that freezes or slows nearby enemies. The player can have two charges at the same time.
  • Mole Strike – The player can have an additional primary weapon.
  • Slider Master – Slides allows you to increase the load. When the payload is fully charged, sliding into an enemy causes an explosion. The player gains resistance to explosion damage.
  • Secret element – the player receives a random advantage that is not assigned to another slot.

As we mentioned earlier, we can only choose four abilities, so this is one of the most important options. We recommend a set consisting of a stimulator, a fortress, a bandit and a Slider Master. They give us a better chance of surviving the next fight with the dead.


Elixirs are drinks that we can drink at any time during the game. Out of a dozen or so, we choose four. The bonuses activated by them can help at different times. One can teleport us anywhere if we are trapped and the others give us more stamina. We have an unlimited supply, although rarer potions can only be used once per game.


Magical amulets, called talismans, can give you a big advantage over zombies on the battlefield. Unlike normal magical drinks, they are single use and consumed at the beginning of each encounter.


Before each game, we can assign a special power to our class, thanks to which we can sweep away all enemies in our path. To use one type of weapon, we need to charge the energy bar by killing zombies. The more often we use this super attack, the stronger it becomes and unlocks new bonuses.

The last items of equipment are accessories and starting weapons. After using grenades, mines or turrets, we need to wait a bit to reload them. The initial weapon is a choice between accurate revolvers, fast machine guns, or free but deadly shotguns. The choice belongs to the player.

All of the above items are available to the player immediately offline. However, if we play online, with friends or strangers, we will unlock additional items, weapons and power-ups as we get more experience levels in zombie mode.


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