Call of Duty: Ghosts download torrent For PC

Call of Duty Ghosts download torrent For PC Fortnite - Trials: Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

Call of Duty: Ghosts download torrent

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We present to your attention the notorious cross-platform shooter from Infinity Ward, Raven Software and Neversoft Entertainment. their game call of duty ghosts download you can directly on this site. Let’s talk about this game in more detail.

Call of Duty: Ghosts story and setting

There is such a legendary ship – the Ghost. There are no ships in this game, but there are so-called “Ghosts” – guys-fighters from the elite special forces unit of the American army. They are also legendary. For the first time in this series of games, the world is on the verge of an apocalypse. Why? A hacker has managed to launch rocket attacks on America’s vital cities after he hacked into a space station called O.D.I.N. The protagonists Hash and Logan, brothers originally from California, were not fortunate enough to grow up during these disastrous years. After the missile attack, America has become a militarized republic, which, of course, implies disaster and brutality at home. Our main characters join the ranks of the “Ghosts” to maintain order in the state. Their destinies and relationships will be given a fairly large part of the plot. As for the political relations of the new world, there is an irreconcilable struggle between the two Americas – North and South. The states are opposed by the South American Federation, that is, the union of the countries of South America.

These are now the two superpowers of the whole world, after the entire Middle East was razed to the ground from a nuclear strike. At the head of the operation to invade the South American Federation in the United States is someone named Roarke. America with difficulty, but resists. Its economic situation is in a deplorable state. Fort Santa Monica is the strongest and most important frontier garrison in the United States. Further stretches the wall that separates the southern lands from the main territory of the state, and the so-called “Neutral Zone” – uninhabitable lands beyond the Wall and up to the borders of the enemy Federation. How do the two brothers find out about the “Ghosts”? Once upon a time, together with his father, they went out of town on a sortie. Elias, their father, told them the legend about these people and their organization. At home, they see on TV how rockets fly towards American cities. They rush to get out of the affected area, which they manage to do. Their house is destroyed, and life changes dramatically. The action itself begins ten years after this event.

Characters of Call of Duty: Ghosts


  • Sergeant Logan Walker is the younger brother of the second protagonist, Hash. Born in San Diego. At the end of the storyline, Rorku is captured. The outcome of his fate is shown after the credits, but remains open, that is, not fully clarified.
  • Lieutenant David “Hash” Walker is Logan’s older brother. Initially, he was a sergeant in the US Army, and then joined the ranks of the “Ghosts” with his brother. The nickname “Hash” he came up with himself as a child. Childhood is an important part of his memories, and he loves to linger in the memories of the happy days of childhood. Often compares it with the current devastation that surrounds them from all sides. An unplayable character, but in some missions he accompanies his younger brother. From his face, the narration is conducted in cut-scenes.
  • Captain Elias “Scarcrow” Walker is the father of the main characters. He is one of those who once founded the “Ghosts”. Became leader of the squad after Roarke disappeared. Playable character, but only in one mission – “Legends live forever.”


  • Diego El Magro is a general and leader of the federation’s army. Its territory is Venezuela. He staged a genocide in the American society, which was located in Caracas. His fate is determined in the mission “Legends Live Forever”.
  • Captain Gabriel Roark is the central villain of the game. Together with others, he founded the Ghost squad, but went over to the side of the Federation. He was considered dead for quite a long time after the incident in Venezuela.
  • Victor Ramos is the one who hacked the O.D.I.N. space station. He is a programmer and director of scientific service.

    Multiplayer Call of Duty: Ghosts

    If you are interested in download call of duty ghosts via torrent on PC, then you definitely need to learn something about the multiplayer of this game. The multiplayer mode has always occupied an important place in this game series. When developing the multiplayer for this part, the developers focused on the entertainment of the mode. As a result, it really turned out to be more fun and interesting than in other parts. There are many maps and modes for this mode. Let’s dwell on one of the modes in more detail.

    Extinction Mode

    This is an analogue of the zombie mode from the previous part of the game. But instead of zombies in this mode, other opponents are aliens. Players will need to defend themselves from them, while performing rather difficult tasks. Moreover, there is another “survival” mode, the standard one, in which the player will have to restrain the attacks of a huge number of enemies.

    System requirements

    • Operating system: Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 8 64-Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz / AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHz or better
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 / ATI Radeon HD 5870 or better
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Hard disk: 40 GB


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