Call of Duty: Mobile season 4 starts tomorrow, what new has Activision added and what does the Wild West have to do with it?

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Tomorrow, May 27th, Activision will release its fourth season for Call of Duty: Mobile. It’s called SPURNED & BURNED. In it, the developers will add an updated map for multiplayer, new modes, weapons and blueprints, clan battles, challenges and, of course, a battle pass. As for the free trail, Hawk X3 is issued at level 14; at level 21, they will give out the MK II assault rifle. If you decide to fork out for a pass, then already at the first level, Activision will give out the skin of the bounty hunter, Alex. In addition, for pumping the pass, players will unlock three more skins, weapons and more.

As for the new map, this is Dome from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There, the militants will fight at a military base in the middle of the desert. A little later the “duel” mode will appear in the game; there is a fight in the “1 on 1” format. Whoever scored seven kills first won. In general, the 4th season was made in the theme of the Wild West.

Also, the developers took care of the balance of weapons. This applies to all types of firearms. They also optimize transport so that it lives longer (yes, a motorcycle, we’re talking about you). Plus, if you are a member of a clan, then you can arrange clan wars in a 6-day tournament. There are 5 clans involved. It is still worth waiting for the start of a new ranked season, which will last until the end of July.

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