Call of Duty: Warzone – guide for beginners

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Maybe the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) promotional slogan was calling on players to “go into the dark,” but in fact, Warzone’s battle royale – unlike Modern Warfare’s Blackout mode – was constantly rumored, and no one made any her secret. In any case, it’s already here, and Warzone has enough fresh battle royale features to give it a shot, especially since the game is completely free (except for the need to connect a Live Gold subscription to Xbox One).

With Warzone installed, you’ll be one of 150 players parachuting onto the map, and you’ll no doubt need help figuring out Call of Duty’s new battle royale. So here are some tips to help you survive longer than others.


Warzone borrows the trump card from Apex Legends by copying the great ping system. It allows you to identify enemy loot, locations, and positions with the push of a button – like on-demand sonar.

This greatly simplifies the coordination of strategies in the squad – you need to ping more often. And don’t forget to double-tap the ping button to immediately alert your team to the presence of the enemy – you’ll be surprised how useful even a rough idea of ​​where another squad is located can be.

Share money

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In the lower left corner of the screen in Warzone, the status of your squadmates is shown, as well as their stock of money.

This is useful because if you die, you will have to rely on them to buy you a re-drop at the nearest Buy Station (a point to purchase upgrades or special features with money earned by killing enemies). It’s much easier if they have enough finances, so don’t forget to share money with them when you find loot.

In fact, you can transfer money directly from your inventory so that everyone has enough for emergencies. Think of it as a reserve for a rainy day.

Look for discounts

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There is enough money in Warzone and there is where to spend it. In addition to support bonuses (more on them below), at Buy Stations you can purchase, for example, armor plates and re-landing. At certain points in the game, these items are sold at a discount, helping to save a little more money.

But remember that Buy Stations attract the enemy, and snipers can sit nearby, so be on your guard.

The killing streak is gone

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In Warzone, support bonuses are not given for killing streaks, but are bought in the store. At the same time, you can collect unused from the corpses of dead enemies, and nothing compares to the irony of targeting a Cluster bombardment on a team that has been saving money for it with blood and sweat for a long time.

At the moment, these support bonuses are a killer feature for the last stages of the game due to the relatively small area of ​​effect. The UAV covers a 100m radius, while Cluster Bombardment and Pinpoint Airstrike hit unsuspecting enemies in a tight final circle.

Finally, Shielded Turret is only good for use in already existing fortifications. It deals significant damage, but leaves you immobile and vulnerable to flank attacks.

Dress up (and protect yourself!)

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Unlike other battle royales, here the armor does not consist of helmets and vests. Instead, players purchase plates that can be inserted into a standard vest on their own. You can equip up to three plates that increase health from 100 to 250 HP, but you can carry up to five in total. Therefore, you can repair damaged armor or help a friend. If the enemy has armor, when shooting at his body, you can see the corresponding icon, and after it is destroyed, a characteristic crack is heard.

Of course, the general rule is to aim for the head, but don’t forget to keep an eye on the aforementioned sign – it means that before you kill the enemy, you will have to put a couple of magazines into it. Interested in first aid kits? Unlike Blackout, they are not here, and health is restored on its own outside of combat, similar to the campaign and online modes.

Stay away from cars

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There are many ways to move around the map in Warzone, but they all have a serious drawback – they are loud. On an ATV, truck, and especially a helicopter, you will be a priority target for snipers and rocket launchers.

Therefore, try to dismount on the border of the play zones, avoiding being caught in the crossfire of several units moving towards the epicenter. If you really want a car for yourself, then they usually appear in the same places, so after a few matches, you will probably easily figure out where to look for them.

soldier of fortune

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Contracts are a new addition to the battle royale genre that allows you to complete random tasks during a match. They are shown on your map and are divided into three categories: Ordered Target, which sets a certain enemy as a priority target, Marauder, where you need to open certain supply containers, and Recon, where your task is to protect a certain area in the spirit of Domination.

As a reward, you can get extra money, experience for the battle pass, and cooler loot. Contracts are an interesting new feature that pushes players out of their comfort zone. But remember – a squad can only have one active contract, so everyone will have to work on the task.

Don’t overload your guns

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The lion’s share of the fun in PUBG and Apex Legends was associated with hanging various upgrades on guns. Surprisingly, Warzone follows the path of Fortnite in this regard. Weapons in the loot are devoid of body kit and sights, which at first may seem inconvenient.

But if you understand a little, then you can get such a weapon. To do this, you need to find blueprints taken from the Arsenal in the main network mode of Modern Warfare with a fixed set of body kit. Therefore, your basic assault rifle may not be as good at long range, but you can change it to something more versatile if you find the right blueprint.

These blueprints can be obtained from supply containers or as rewards from the Contracts discussed above. You can also use any weapon from your equipment sets. It is purchased at Buy Stations and dropped to the ground from the air, so pray that no one sees the falling container before you get the coveted shotgun.

It’s also worth noting that supply containers beep when you’re nearby, much like treasure chests in Fortnite, but much quieter. Keep your ears open!

Death is not the end

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One of the biggest differences between Warzone and the traditional battle royale format is that when you die, you get a second chance if you can earn it.

After dying on the battlefield, you end up in the Gulag – a prison where you have to fight with another prisoner, the winner of which will earn freedom (which in this case means another landing in the main royal battle without loot and armor). There are several prisons, and although this is not entirely fair, we have seen players throw stones, distracting the participants in the duel in order to influence the outcome.

Of course, if you can see how your comrade is fighting, this can be useful, but it is perhaps better to spend your time identifying the position of the enemy.

Greed is great

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Battle Royale is undoubtedly the highlight of the Warzone program, but there is also another mode called Loot. It’s all about getting rich, and you’ll need to quickly loot and kill enemies to collect money from them. The winner is the team with the most money, so landing in areas where it is easier to earn more is a priority.

Significant income can also be obtained by completing Contracts, so they are definitely worth taking in this mode.


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