Call of Duty: WW2 – War Mode. Tips & Strategies

image4 4 Call of Duty: WW2 - War Mode. Tips & Strategies

War Mode is a new addition to the Call of Duty series. This may appeal to those players who remember the famous Enemy Territory. The main points of this game are very similar.

We are dealing with asymmetric co-op – this means that each team will have different goals. Attackers must perform certain actions in order to advance to the next stage of the match, and defenders must interfere with their actions.

The game currently only offers 3 maps.

You do not need to build walls and shelters. At the marked points, you can build walls simply by holding the button. Such a wall should be left unfinished to make it easier to aim at enemies (but not pass through it).

Use machine gun nests. In several places, you can always install a heavy machine gun. Fire from such weapons can give a huge advantage, especially at the beginning of the round.

Operation Breakout

Operation Breakout is a map known from the beta. The target of the attacking allies is at the beginning of the apartment building, which can be accessed from three sides. It is best to divide and attack from all sides, making sure to throw grenades at the building.

Once inside, take a good position in the small room on the right – and from there, aim straight for the large room to quickly get rid of the defenders trying to repel the attack.

The second stage requires the construction of a bridge. You must go to the marked point and hold the interaction button. But the problem lies in the constant shelling of enemies, so smoke grenades at this stage will be necessary. The two players must also focus on finding and destroying snipers and machine gun shooters.

The third step is to simply place the explosive charge in the marked spot on the wall. You must enter there with a group, place the dynamite and protect it from many sides. After the explosion, all that remains is to escort the tank to the end point.

Just before the end of the route, the defenders can – and should – build both machine gun nests and use grenades.

Operation Griffin

On this map we are dealing with tanks – especially the attackers, who at the beginning of the round must be accompanied by three vehicles on separate roads. All you have to do is make sure the two tanks get to their targets.

The defenders should get off the tanks as soon as possible and build a barrier on the routes.

The attackers’ second goal is to get fuel. When one of the tanks reaches the village after the first stage, it must refuel three times. To do this, you need to take fuel at one of the two marked points. It is best to go to the goal as a crowd – one person can distract enemies.

A tank that has been refueled should only be escorted to the end of the map. One player should regularly jump behind the tank machine gun, but he won’t be able to sit there for too long.

Defenders should always try to surround the attackers, especially in the second and third phases.

image2 34 Call of Duty: WW2 - War Mode. Tips & Strategies

Operation Neptune

The last map in War Mode takes players to the beaches of Normandy, where the attacking allies must first capture two German bunkers. The task is difficult, because we have to get to the bunkers from the beach, which is under constant fire from the defenders.

Luckily the attackers are assisted by computer-controlled units – such soldiers serve as an artificial mob that runs towards the bunkers and distracts the Axis forces from the real players.

If we manage to run up to the bunkers, we can build ladders there.

image3 34 Call of Duty: WW2 - War Mode. Tips & Strategies

The next stage of the game is relatively easy. The attackers need to get to the next building and destroy 10 communication stations. It is better to attack from all sides – the entrance on the left leads to a passage on the roof of the bunker, from where you can throw grenades.

Defenders should be armed with shotguns and machine guns and should not stick out too much. The same applies to the last stage, in which the attackers must destroy 2 anti-aircraft guns 6 times in total.


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