Call of Duty: WW2 – Zombie: consumables, bonuses

image2 5 1 Call of Duty: WW2 - Zombie: consumables, bonuses

By selecting the Soldier tab in the Zombie Mode menu, players can select consumables to use in the next round of undead skirmishes.

Items of this type can provide small bonuses or offer weapons that can help win a tough match and save the entire team.

We get new items mainly from chests – and they, in turn, are added automatically after the rounds we have played.

List of bonuses and items

Consumables in Zombie mode are divided into reinforcements, weapons and keys, as well as discounts, but this division is not very important. After all, all this can be used during the fight against zombies. Below we will describe all these types of bonuses.

  • Electromagnet. For single use. Gives you the opportunity to get double the number of points in a short time.
  • Totengriff (immediate kill). Once activated, kills enemies with a single hit with a shovel for a short time.
  • Taschen Voll (maximum ammo). Through use, each upgrades ammunition.
  • Uberladen (full special power). Has up to 4 uses. This gives everyone the opportunity to use their class abilities.
  • Vernichten (Bomb). After activating this bonus, all the weaker opponents that we see will be killed.
  • Flamethrower. For a short time, we get a flamethrower to fight opponents.
  • Bazooka. Within a dozen seconds, we can activate the rocket launcher.
  • Discount coupon. After activation, we can buy anything during the game with a 25 percent discount.
  • Coupon for Blitzmachine. Activates a 50% discount, but only for upgrades, not for buying weapons.
  • Guarantee. Refers to different weapons. Depending on the type of weapon, you can take it from a crate you find during the mission.

What items and bonuses to choose before the game

We can choose two materials – in addition, we will also have access to auto-resuscitation. As for the choice of bonuses, we recommend primarily the flamethrower, which in later waves can be invaluable.

The second bonus depends on what our companions took. Taking the same is not worth it, although four flamethrowers will always be useful. However, it would be nice to chat with satellites.

Discount coupons might be tempting, but Volty is pretty easy to get anyway. Especially if you remember that the weapons in the glass cases on the walls of the map, which we will meet later, are not always better than the weapons from the first areas of the map.

Problems are most often caused by the presence of a large number of ordinary zombies. They will attack from all sides, making it difficult to move. That’s why the Bomb will always be useful, as it kills all opponents.


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