Call of Duty: WW2 – Zombie Special Abilities and Skills

image2 4 1 Call of Duty: WW2 - Zombie Special Abilities and Skills

In Call of Duty: WW2 we can develop our own character in Zombie mode. Buffs and consumables aren’t the only elements we can choose and change to affect talents and playstyle.

The creators have also prepared additional mechanisms. Everything can be modified and customized from the Soldier tab in the Zombie Mode menu.

The Raven Kits and Research options are only available after reaching experience level 5 in this mode. Until then, you just need to choose one of the pre-made skill sets.

Skills and abilities

In the “Sets” tab, we create a set of weapons and skills for our character. No matter which hero we play as, we will be able to give him a specific set.

It is worth noting that the choice of weapons is limited – in the beginning we can only start with a pistol. Then we can unlock (get a higher level) one rifle, shotgun or sniper rifle. That’s all. Most of the weapons we get from boxes on the walls.

The most important choice is the ability, which is illustrated by the largest icon in the menu. There are four different talents offered here:

  • Camouflage – When this ability is activated, zombies will ignore the player. It is best to choose this talent if we are tasked with completing the following steps to achieve mission objectives (moving items, turning valves, etc.).
  • Unlimited is the best ability that 3 out of 4 players should pick. This results in us not having to worry about ammo for a few seconds. We just shoot non-stop. The perfect skill against a large horde.
  • First line – activating the ability causes nearby zombies to attack the player, and he himself deals double damage. It’s good to divert attention from others.
  • Shock Explosion – Activation causes an explosion around the player, knocking down and stunning enemies. Sometimes a useful talent.

A special power-up can only be activated when the indicator in the lower right corner of the screen runs out. Each such ability is active for a certain period of time, and then starts loading again.

Uberladen amplification provides automatic use of the skill.

We should also mention skill modification – Raven allows us to create skills that (as the name suggests) change the effects of talents and often extend their effect to other players, for example, as well as provide other bonuses.

In total, we have 34 modes available, from which we can choose 3, and everything is done in the “Set” tab. We will be able to create a new skill in the Raven Research tab mentioned above. We buy them with chips that we get during the game and find them in chests from the zombie mode.

Some skills need to be upgraded to a certain level, and then we can unlock them. Skills include Shooting, which greatly increases damage while Unlimited Power is active, or Bulletproof Vest, which reduces damage from your own explosives.


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