Captor Clash is a fierce bitemap for Android

The Captor Clash beta test has begun in Asia. It’s a beat ’em up with RPG elements that you can play too.

A beta test has begun for the mobile game Captor Clash in some Asian countries. So far, Android is available from the platforms, while at the end of the news you will learn how to download the APK. As for the game itself, it is an anime slasher with no visible auto-features. That is, we ourselves run and carry strange creatures, albeit in 2D locations. At the same time, the models of the hero and enemies are three-dimensional.

In Captor Clash, you need to do combos and other tasks to get the maximum three stars. But the juiciest thing is the multitude of modes. Among them there are adventures (single player campaign), some ruins, an arena and even tournaments. To upgrade the account and heroes, beginners can log in for seven days in a row and complete tasks.

By the way, there is stamina in Captor Clash, it is spent on participating in missions. And yes, you can download the APK right now via our Telegram channel. VPN is not required, with authorization everything is fine too. We also have files for other games like Battlefield Mobile.

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