Capture the flag in the cool adventure Heroes Impact: Battle Arena on iOS and Android

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Studio Playdarium released Heroes Impact: Battle Arena for smartphones. Here we select miniature heroes – warrior, archer, paladin, monk and robber – and set off to capture the flags. The gameplay takes place on fantasy maps with an oriental touch. Although the graphics are angular, everything looks decent. The controls are responsive. There is a question for damage; for example, the damage from arrows is well absorbed and the enemy has time not only to run up to you, but also to kill you.

Despite the above advantages, in Battle arena there is not enough content and monotonous content can quickly get bored. In addition to capturing the flag, there is an Arena. The developers promise more features in future updates. So far, the game has been downloaded by over 100 people on Google Play, so we should expect bots. This is the third project of the guys from Playdarium. Before that, they made pretty mediocre games.

Heroes Impact: Battle Arena is already available on iOS and Android. According to Google Play, this is a free ad-supported project. There is no Russian localization.

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