Capturing a city in the action game Grand Wars: Mafia City

Grand Wars: Mafia City allows you to conquer territories as a criminal gang. The developers are positioning the project as a PvP action game with the Godfather leveling up, but things may not be so smooth.

Grand Wars: Mafia City is an isometric action game where we capture territories, recruit bandits and participate in shootouts. This is an early access indie project, so the graphics look like YouTube ads. The gameplay is as follows: we and other players are thrown onto a spacious map. We run and capture key points, while searching houses and boxes for weapons and equipment. For pumping, by the way, they can give a choice of one of a couple of perks.

Despite the visual appeal of Grand Wars: Mafia City, some players were pushed away by the project. They complain about the donation, without which it is difficult to win. Plus, the project could be “licked” from another game (leave your assumptions in the comments). From the gameplay video, you can see that Grand Wars has repetitive music and few awards even for first place. The project looks crude, but it’s in Early Access right now, so there is time to fix it.

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