CBT Metal Revolution starts at the end of May on Android via Google Play

Metal Revolution is a fighting game about robots from the Middle Kingdom. In April, CBT took place, which lasted only three days. If you didn’t have time to try the game, then get ready – the developers will conduct another beta test at the end of May. It will be held exclusively for Android devices. If you believe Pocket Gamer, then almost all regions are available, except for the following: Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and China. An unlimited number of players can sign up for the CBT. It is worth noting that after the beta test, all progress will be reset.

We talked about Metal Revolution in detail here. In short, the game will go to Tekken and Street Fighter fans. That is, there is no “plugging” of other players; this theme is more like Shadow Fight Arena. The developers promise a normal FPS, as well as “deep game mechanics”.

Metal Revolution will be released on iOS, Android and PC. On Steam, you can add a game to your wishlist. Russian localization is not promised. Probably it will be a shareware project with all that it implies. The beta version will be launched via Google Play on May 27th.


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