CBT Soul Tide for Android has started (file inside)

Publisher LemcnSun has launched a beta test of the role-playing game for smartphones.

Soul Tide is a mobile RPG in anime style, for which test servers have been opened. So far, Android is available from the platforms, including the emulator, and then in some countries of Southeast Asia. The CBT will last until February 14th, after downloading the APK file, players will have to download about 1.5 GB of data. And yes, your progress will be reset after the end of testing, so that everyone is on an equal footing at the official launch.

Soul Tide features

The game pleases with a beautiful palette of colors, lively 2D and a soundtrack (piano + birdsong). Sometimes we are given a choice in the dialogues, which is unlikely to affect anything. The levels in Soul Tide are turn-based in the sense that we move through the cells, albeit quite freely. Each time you can activate a random event or a trap. The main goal is to get to the portal, but before that they may be asked to solve a puzzle, that is, you won’t be able to run directly to the exit.

Also in Soul Tide there are battles in which the overall power level of your group decides, as well as the selected elements. Fortunately, before the start of the mission, you are shown information about what rewards await and how to prepare for battle. The battles are also turn-based, they can be set to auto-mode.

Google Play (India)Download APK

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