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Chapter 1 rework, social hub and cosmetic shop in update 0.9.1 for Last Epoch

For the isometric Action RPG Last Epoch, a major update 0.9.1: Rising Flames was released, which brought with it a large number of changes. First of all, the first chapter of the story campaign has been completely redesigned in the game. She received new zones, new types of enemies, new voice acting and new music.

Last Epoch also added the first iteration of city functionality. This is a special social hub where you can meet other players and also get access to various useful points such as stashes and merchants.

In addition, the game has an in-game store with cosmetic products. It can only be purchased for items that do not affect gameplay, such as portal effects, back decorations, and pets. According to the authors, this is necessary in order to support Last Epoch with new content over time.

Of course, these are not all the changes in patch 0.9.1. The developers have also made many gameplay improvements and bug fixes. You can find the full list at official forum.

Last Epoch - Rising Flames Patch 0.9.1 | Patch Overview

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