Characters and locations from the MMORPG Throne and Liberty. Part 4

Finally, we have reached the fourth part of the article describing the characters and locations from the MMORPG Throne and Liberty, which took part in the official text novel. Unfortunately, this time there was very little information: only one character and one guild. Nevertheless, we will not break the tradition, so we present to your attention the translation of the fourth part. However, before that, here are some links for those who missed it:

Order of the Swan

A resistance guild founded by Roen, Jerad, Clay, and Roxy. They wanted to use a raven as their emblem to match their mood, but ended up choosing a swan and calling the guild the “Order of the Swan”.

Davinci Aron

Born in 1156. Height 190 cm, weight 90 kg (muscular build).

Leader of the members of the Resistance.

As one of the Aron family, Davinci wanted to form a guild after retiring from the Navy. However, after Revil came to power, the creation of guilds was prohibited, so Davinci and his comrades went to Laslan. Forming the “Order of the New Creation”, Davinci defeated the Arkeum legions and restored Laslan. He later supported his followers as they formed their own Resistance guilds. For members of the Resistance, Davinci is both a leader and a brother, and is revered by the younger members. On the battlefield, he fights mercilessly against the legions of the Arkeum, but has only kindness towards the innocent. He often wears a naval officer’s cap on important occasions or official duties. Among the members of the Resistance is known as Captain Davinci.

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