Chemistry style guide in FIFA 19

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The Ultimate Team mode in FIFA is unique not only for the ability to assemble your dream team from completely different players. Here, too, everyone has the opportunity, quite legally, to add a few points to the players’ characteristics.

This happens with the help of Chemistry style, each of them improves the different characteristics of the players.

What is teamwork style and what does it give

Chemistry Style is a feature that only exists in Ultimate Team. It does not exist in regular seasons, careers, and other FIFA modes. You can “add” to each player a chemistry style that boosts their stats. For example, if an attacker has good shooting and dribbling, but lacks speed, then you should choose the Hunter style, which will improve his speed and shooting.

There are two types of Chemistry Styles – those that improve two base stats and those that improve three stats. In the first case, the main indicators are boosted by three points, in the second – by two points. In addition, the specific characteristics of each player are improved from 5 to 15 points.

It’s hard for me to say which chemistry styles really work 100%, no one has yet proven that this is true or not. For example, I chose some style, according to which the player’s speed should improve by 10 points. In its characteristics on the card it is written that there are 10, but in the game itself there is no clear feeling – it’s hard to say, there are 10, or maybe +5.

There are three ways to get a chemistry style:

  • buy on the market for coins;
  • receive in a package;
  • buy a player in the market with a built-in chemistry style.

Once a Chemistry Style is purchased, it can only be applied to a single player. And just because you bought a player with a chemistry style already doesn’t mean he can’t be changed.

FUT Chemistry Styles.jpg

Chemistry styles are divided into several types, which are suitable for attacking line players or defensive line players. It all depends on the indicators that improve when choosing a style.

There are four most popular styles of teamwork:

  • hunter (attack) and shadow (defense)
  • hawk (attack) and anchor (defense)

Hunter and shadow are not only the most popular styles, but also the most expensive ones. For each of them you will have to pay about five thousand coins. The hawk and anchor cost just under a thousand coins, other styles can be purchased for 200.

When choosing a chemistry style, the focus should be on the player and their weaknesses. The formation or any other traits of the team should not affect the choice of style, the most important factor should be the awareness of what needs to be improved in the player.

Chemistry styles such as Engine can increase Coman’s acceleration to 99

In principle, it is possible to individually select teamwork styles for each player, study his strengths and weaknesses, and finally, in 90% of users, the choice of style for the most popular players is the same.

What to choose for each individual team line

For attack group players, the best chemistry styles are hunter (improves hit and speed) and hawk (boosts hit, speed and physics). The first style is better suited for players in the center of the box, and the second style is better for flank players.

For defense players, there are three basic styles – shadow (defense and speed), anchor (defense, speed and physics), and guard (defense and dribbling).

For midfielders, you can use the same style as for attacking or defensive line players. It all depends on the position on the field. For example, defensive midfielders can play with a shadow, attackers with a hawk. If we are talking about central midfielders, then they can be given a catalyst (passing and speed) or a shooter (dribbling and shooting).

The chosen chemistry style determines his actions during the game. For example, if Luka Modric is given a shadow chemistry style, then he will play in one manner, and if an anchor, then in a completely different one.


General teamwork: how it affects

Another important point is the usual teamwork of a football player. If it is <5, then no matter what chemistry style he has, he will lose power instead of gaining it. Therefore, it is important to avoid unplayed players.

Chemistry is not just invented, everything in the Ultimate Team is interconnected, so it is very important to keep it at a high level. Acceptable minimum chemistry at level 8, but it is better to always be at 10.


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