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Chernobylite guide – How to pick locks and create master keys

From this guide you will learn how to get through all the locked doors in the world of Chernobylite in the most profitable and fastest way.

Exploring locations in Chernobylite, you will stumble upon a lot of locked doors – there are many more of them than the lockpicks that you can find in the open world. Fortunately, the game registers on the map every blocked passage that can be found so that you can return to it later.

In order to gain access to closed areas and get to the most valuable loot, you need to start making master keys yourself. They are relatively easy to manufacture and inexpensive in terms of resources. The most important thing is to understand which workbenches should be built first, so as not to experience problems with locks throughout the game.

How to create master keys

Hacking tools are one of the most useful consumables in your arsenal. Only filters for a gas mask are more valuable. If you want to freely roam the entire territory of Chernobyl, you will definitely need master keys.

Before you can make them, you need to build a laser cutter, an electric generator to power it, and finally the industrial machine itself, specifically designed to make hacking tools. You will need:

  • Cutter: 12 mechanical parts, 10 electronic parts, 8 fuel units;
  • Industrial machine: 4 mechanical parts, 8 electronic parts, 4 units of fuel;

Once you build an industrial machine, you will be able to produce lockpicks on it. For this you will need:

  • Lockpicks: 2 mechanical parts, 1 chemistry.

Now not a single locked door will become an obstacle for you. You will be able to get even more loot and explore areas that you could not enter before.

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