Chernobylite guide – how to save all allies

This guide describes the important decisions and actions that the player must take during the final mission and during the progression of the game in order to get the best ending for the companions.

Whichever style of Chernobylite you choose to play, the final mission of The Raid requires you to prepare well, get hold of quality equipment and acquire loyal allies. But even the most thorough organization will not insure you the mistakes that Igor can make not only in the process of completing the task, but also in the early stages of the game.

If trouble happens during the Raid, you can always go back, analyze your actions and replay, but in order to get the perfect ending in the process of passing Chernobylite, you need to make a number of correct, not always obvious decisions. If you do not want to play the game again just because you made the wrong choice, offers a brief guide to the key points of the game.

Important Decisions Before The Raid

  • Recruit the Cockroach;
  • DO NOT KILL Professor Semyonov in the Kindergarten in Kopachi;
  • Recruit Michael;
  • Kill Professor Semenov at the NAR base (this way you can avoid the trap he left);
  • Recruit Sashko;
  • DO NOT KILL Kostya;
  • Let Kostya escape;
  • Don’t help Kostya deal with Matvey;
  • Recruit Olga;
  • Rescue Gleb from the cage;
  • Kidnap Kozlov;
  • DO NOT KILL Kozlov – interrogate him and release him;
  • Inform Kozlov that Gleb is in the Village.

You must do everything in your power to ensure that the allies have increased loyalty, they are healthy and happy. When acting during missions, give preference to the opinion of Oliver and Mikhail. Try to improve relations with all companions before going to the “Raid”.

Important decisions during the “Raid”


  • Assign companions to the correct roles:
    Storm: Oliver and Sashko; Spy: Michael; Technician: Cockroach; Sniper: Olga;
  • Use the alternative route, which you will learn about if you spare Semyonov in Kindergarten;
  • Reload the gate (technician);
  • Eliminate the sniper near the gate (Sniper);
  • Shut off the power underground (Technician);
  • In the hall with security, use the disguise and say the passphrase to let you through;
  • On the territory of the reactor, follow the path of the spy;
  • Pass the locked gate through the ventilation hatch;
  • At the barred door, use the bomb received from Sashko. DO NOT use the bombs until this point;
  • While working with the unit, Kozlov will independently turn off the fuses.

Kozlov will help you only if you strictly follow the raid plan drawn up. After the zone with the reactor block, there will be several more choices that will determine the ending of Igor, but none of them will affect any of your charges.


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