Chernobylite guide – where to find a pistol, shotgun and AK-47

This guide describes the location of the main weapon in Chernobylite.

You won’t live long on the territory of the exclusion zone without reliable weapons. The path of the protagonist of the game, Igor, begins on an empty, abandoned base, and from the equipment the hero only has an environment analyzer and some food supplies. To gather the necessary resources and explore Pripyat for possible allies, Igor will need a weapon more serious than an army knife.

In Chernobylite, you are free to move through any of the presented locations at your own pace, which means you will be able to find things hidden on it earlier than intended. For example, a gas mask can be obtained even before you are given it during the story mission, as well as various types of weapons. If waiting isn’t for you and you want to get the weapons as soon as possible, we’ll tell you where.

Guide to weapons hidden in locations

Chernobylite has five types of weapons: a revolver, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a plasma rifle, and a railgun. Before you learn how to build advanced futuristic guns, you will have to use and improve basic weapons. Over time, you will be able to create it, but at the beginning of the journey it is much easier to find everything on your own, equipping yourself and your allies with effective firearms and ammunition:

Revolver: In one of the first tasks from Mikhail, you will be sent to the NAR building, where you will have to hack into their server. Upon completion of the mission, you can return to the building and find as many as two pistols and three boxes of cartridges in it.

Shotgun: one lies in the cockroach’s hideout right on the stairs. Another one can be found near the Arc inside the building in the north of the map. If you see guards patrolling the area next to the truck, you are in the right place.

Assault rifle AK-47: The Kalashnikov assault rifle can be found in the Pripyat hospital. Another one is located in the city port in the building where you will meet the Cockroach on assignment. Use the environment analyzer to determine the location of the weapon.

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