Chinese developers have turned Plants vs Zombies into a shooter

Dave Has a Gun is a mobile game that came to Android in China. In it, you play as Dave, the main character in the Plants vs Zombies series. In general, the whole game is built on models and units from PvZ from Electronic Arts, but it is unlikely that the Chinese developers have entered into any agreement with this publisher, especially since the interface and gameplay are built on an indie level.

Similar to Plants vs Zombies, in Dave Has a Gun the player plants and flowers across the fields on a large farm, but this time to protect themselves as the zombies run after Dave. If they bite enough times, the character will die and have to start over. Note that there are no online elements like cooperative or multiplayer in the game.

It is worth pointing out that the authors of Dave Has a Gun do not offer any in-game purchases and advertising, that is, there is no monetization. So far, Chinese gamers like everything, except for optimization and lags. And get ready for the fact that for a comfortable game you will have to use more than 2 fingers.

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