Chinese MMORPG Swords of Legends Online has entered the closed beta stage in the western market

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Closed beta testing of the English version of the MMORPG Swords of Legends Online, originally released in China in 2018, has begun. Users who have made a preliminary order, as well as those who received a key on one of the distributions, can take part. It is worth noting that despite the unavailability of the project in Russia, there are no regional restrictions on downloading and authorization, so you can do without a VPN.

As previously reported by publishers, the PTA version of Swords of Legends Online is already stable, and all available content is working as intended. After testing is over, the accumulated progress will be reset, and the premium currency will be returned with a 20% bonus as a thank you. Also, all participants will receive exclusive rewards.

This is only the first stage of the closed beta, which will last until May 25. The second will be available from June 1st to June 8th. The full release of the western version is expected in the summer of 2021.

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