Cities XXL – How to become an expert in the game?

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If you are already familiar with the game and would like to have more fun, you can go to the settings and select the “Expert” mode in the game settings.

This mode gives you access to all kinds of sites at the same time – from small lots for workhouses to lots for huge multi-level office buildings. This is good, but on the other hand, it is not necessary.

A good aspect is the possibility of building medium-density zones right away – this way we avoid demolishing old buildings in order to build skyscrapers in the city center. One downside, however, is that when you build a high-density factory, you immediately need many different types of workers.

Workers will immediately start demanding everything – lots of shops, schools, police, entertainment, etc. And you can only access the building after reaching the appropriate thresholds (eg 5000 citizens). An additional disadvantage is the price of new zones. They can cost thousands of credits per item and you only have 400,000 of them at the start.

However, the advantages of expert mode far outweigh its disadvantages. The ability to build higher density zones results in a much faster arrival of new people in the city. But keep in mind all aspects of this rapid development: more people simultaneously means faster unemployment and higher demands on commerce and entertainment.

The game is designed to use several mods. I bring here a couple of the most popular, active and in the previous releases of games in this series. I think the most important mod for this game is the No More Boxed Cars mod. It transforms the gray boxes we see on the streets at quite a distance from normal vehicle models. Otherwise, all the streets look like a big cardboard box store. Other mods usually focus on adding a lot of new elements. These are buildings, decorations, roads, bridges, and many other attractions that make your game and city view more enjoyable, but they don’t have much of an impact on how the game progresses.


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