Cleansing People of Vices in the Unholy Society Adventure

Adventure Unholy Society hit Google Play. This is an early launch where we have to stop the demons, only instead of a shotgun and a chainsaw, we have Faith and a ton of humorous scenes.

An early version of Unholy Society has appeared on Google Play. In this retro game, we have to reflect the forces of evil with the help of Faith. The main character is exorcistwho is supposed to save the world. But only he is not an angel. The Pope himself gives him the task, not expecting that the exorcist will leave behind cigarette butts, empty whiskey bottles and broken demonic hearts.

The developers of the Unholy Society promise a unique story inspired by 90s pop culture. The graphics are made in the style of comics, and during the battles we must exorcise demons from people. The description for the game says that if you like horror and hidden objects in locations, then Unholy Society is the perfect choice. So far, an early version is available on Android with an in-app purchase of 449 rubles. There is no information about the version for iOS.

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