Closed beta testing of the global version of MMORPG Elyon has officially started

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Six months after the release in South Korea, it became possible to play the English version of the fantasy MMORPG Elyon expected by many users. However, for this you will have to make some effort using workarounds. The fact is that closed beta testing started on the global market, but not in Russia.

Users who have previously applied and received invitations can participate. If you managed to get the coveted key, for example, in some distribution, then when you activate it and launch the launcher, you will need a VPN.

The CBT version is a copy of the January 27 Korean client patch with some minor visual and game content changes. At the beginning, one server for Europe and America is available, but if necessary, it is planned to add new ones. All accumulated progress will be deleted after the end of the test.

Studio Kakao Games has previously confirmed the release of Elyon in Russia, but did not specify exactly when to wait for the release.

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