Closed mobile shooter Payday: Crime War will be relaunched

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Starbreeze has announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with PopReach Corporation to re-launch the mobile shooter Payday: Crime War. Under the terms of the agreement, the developers of the original series will receive a non-refundable advance payment of $ 250,000.

In turn, PopReach will acquire the full source code for Payday: Crime War and access to Payday 2 content. The studio will also cover all expenses for further development, marketing, operational operations and user acquisition of the game. Upon launch, Starbreeze will receive tiered net sales royalties and will retain all intellectual property rights.

“Payday is an incredibly popular series of cooperative first-person shooters. The game continues to be among the most played on Steam with over 130,000 daily active users. Obtaining licensing rights and source code for Payday: Crime War is a huge opportunity that fits well with our strategy of acquiring proven game franchises with an established market, large audience, and a vast universe from which to draw on the content added over the years of Payday 2’s existence to over 70 updates. Payday: Crime War could generate substantial revenue for PopReach given the franchise’s long-term success and the fact that it will be Payday’s first mobile free-to-play game, ”said John Walsh, CEO of PopReach.

A trial run of the beta version of Payday: Crime War on mobile is expected by the end of 2021.

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