Clubhouse Android version could be released by May

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There are good reasons to believe that the audio chat application Clubhouse may soon present its version for Android, which will open access to it for millions of potential users. This top rated audio app is currently available for iOS only.


Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson hinted in February that the company’s work in this direction is at a critical stage. This was further confirmed in an interview conducted today by CNBC and the New York Times. Davidson and Microsoft interviewee Bill Gates discussed the many issues that have affected current development. Android versions of the Clubhouse app

Further evidence that the fast-growing Android version will indeed be available soon comes from several tweets from Clubhouse app developer Mopeva Ogundipe, who posted a teaser for the upcoming Android version, and Morgan Evetts, who also predicts the event. Actual Android App Launch [b]may take place as early as May 2021

The Clubhouse app has enjoyed tremendous success since its release on iOS. Davidson hinted that developing an Android version is a top priority as the company seeks to increase growth and ultimately revenue by expanding the app’s audience. Indeed, the growth of the Clubhouse around the world has been phenomenal. Several brands in China and beyond are launching their alternative versions of the audio chat platform. These include Twitter and ByteDance, the owner of the popular video sharing social network TikTok.

It is unknown why Clubhouse postponed this work for so long… After all, it was planned to launch the Android version of the application from the moment it was opened for iOS. Perhaps the revival is due to competition – after all, Twitter is already developing a similar app called Space, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


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