CODE NAME: X is a Persona 5 mobile RPG, what’s known?

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Not long ago, the Persona 4 Golden series made a breakthrough in the West. The project is quite niche, it is made by the Japanese. In terms of the level of madness, the game almost falls short of the Yakuza series. So, the publisher Perfect World Games held a conference where he showed many mobile projects. Many of them are focused on the Asian market, but something should be expected in the West. One such project is CODE NAME: X. And although nothing is clear from the name, but gamers and insiders “got the trick”: the game is built on the Persona universe. The developers do not talk about a specific part, but there is an opinion that we are talking about Persona 5.

Official site made in the style of “hackers, 2021”. Be careful, everything is in Chinese. And yes, we will be hacking. What else do they promise us? Developers will use the “latest technology” to give players a juicy picture, as well as build a modern Japanese metropolis.

CODE NAME: X will be released on iOS and Android. No release date. The game should be expected to appear in China first. Whether we see the project in the West depends on its success there.

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