Company of Heroes – tips for beginners

image5 55 Company of Heroes - tips for beginners

The essence of the game Company of Heroes is the struggle between American and German troops for resources. In this game, you need to manage entire squads, and not some specific character.

The game has two additions, released in 2007 and 2009. You can play it with your mouse or keyboard, on your own or with friends online. It is possible to simultaneously participate in the game up to nine people.

Unfortunately, due to all the innovations, the game process will now slow down significantly, but the new special effects are worth it. The main thing is the ability to save all missions. That is, in the latest version of the game you can find absolutely all the tasks that were in previous versions.


The latest version of Company of Heroes has some new features compared to previous versions:

  • replenishment of the number of troops is now possible only at the barracks;
  • it is possible to choose all the weapons that this or that squad will be equipped with;
  • units have three levels of experience, depending on which the strength and endurance of the troops are formed.

The task of the game

First of all, you should consider the main missions from the game Company of Heroes. For beginners, training missions are ideal, allowing you to get comfortable in the game, get acquainted with its main features and control process.

Company of Heroes

The company now has seven main training missions:

  • Omaha Beach;
  • vierville;
  • carentan;
  • carentan;
  • Montebourg;
  • Cherbourg;
  • Sottevast.

When starting each of them, you need to pay attention to the main and additional tasks. As a rule, the additional objectives of all training missions are the destruction of a certain number of Germans. The main task is to destroy some hostile object or take possession of some resource.

Training missions are designed so that even a person completely unfamiliar with such games can master weapons and strategies for close and long-range combat. After completing the training missions, you can proceed to the main game.

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The beginning of the plot

The main plot of the game begins with the memories of the protagonist. After that, the action is transferred to Stalingrad, and the main missions of Company of Heroes begin.

It all comes down to the defense of Stalingrad. The game consists of 14 main missions that are closely related to each other. The difficulty for many players lies in the fact that they have to be transferred to the distant past, then to a closer one. Therefore, sometimes you can get a little confused about what year it is and where the character is located.

The main missions can be divided into:

  • The very defense of the city
  • maintenance of occupied positions in anticipation of reinforcements;
  • negotiation, surveillance and other parts of the rear tactics of war;
  • cleaning up the city, when some could try to escape directly during the battle.

Further fights

After a bloody battle for Stalingrad, the Red Army is sent to rescue Leningrad. Two missions of the game are devoted to this theme, then two missions take place in Poland and two in Germany. These will be events when the Red Army goes on the offensive. The game is spectacular and therefore includes sentimental and solemn moments, such as the planting of the flag over the Reichstag and the destruction of Berlin.

Company of Heroes

The developers have tried to bring the events in the game as close as possible. For example, soldiers fleeing the battlefield can be shot – this was indeed the case during the war. The game ends with common holidays when people celebrate Victory Day.

But what happened to our main character, unfortunately, is not known until the very end of the game. At the beginning of the story, he was supposed to be shot – that’s why he decides to tell all the truth he knows, but at the end of the game, the essence of the question of whether he was released or shot is still not revealed.


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