Complete List of Minecraft Bedrock Commands

In the game world, commands (or cheats) are lines of text that can perform in-game actions. These are, so to speak, endless possibilities for those who use them. In this article, we will tell you what commands are available and how to use them.

How to use commands?

There are two ways to use commands. One easy way is to use a “chat box”. All you have to do is just click the “Chat” button and enter the command you want to use. Each command must start with “”. Remember, all commands are case sensitive, so write commands letter by letter or they won’t work.

To use a command block, type “/give *username*”, this will open up the capabilities of that particular block. Remember, before typing, don’t forget to turn on creative mode.

How to enable cheats

To be able to use commands, players must first enable “cheats” before they are loaded into their world. The process is very simple, but keep this in mind: activating cheats will disable your achievements for that particular world. To do this, go to Settings, select Game and then Cheats.

Help syntax and command

Like many other games, Minecraft also has a command that gives information about all console commands or a specific one. Just write ‘/help’ or ‘/?’ in the console.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Commands

/ability – gives or takes away the player’s abilities

/alwaysday – stops or resumes the cycle for and night

/camerashake – creates a camera shake effect

/changesetting – change server settings

/clear – removing items from the player’s inventory

/clearspawnpoint – remove spawn point

/clone – copies blocks and places them in a certain place

/connect connects a websocket to the server

/deop – take the operator status from the player

/dialogue – opens NPC dialog

/difficulty – sets the difficulty of the game

/effect — adding/removing effects

/enchant – enchants the selected item

/event – fires an event

/execute – executes a specific command

/fill – fills the area with blocks

/fog – changes fog settings

/function – launch functions

/gamemode – sets game mode

/gamerule – sets the rules of the game

/gametest – game features

/give – give item to player

/help – displays a list of available commands and information about them

/immutableworld – establish the immutability of the world

/kick – disconnect the player from the server

/kill – kill the player or any entity

/list – open list of players

/locate – find the nearest structure

/me – displays messages

/movevent – enable or disable the mob event

/music – allows you to play music tracks

/op – assigns operator status to a player

/ops – reload or display a list of permissions

/particle – creates particles

/playanimation – animation playback

/playsound – sound playback

/reload – reload loot, features and mods

/replaceitem – replacement of any item in the inventory

/ride – change trip or entity settings

/save – status query or backup

/say – displays messages for players

/schedule — planning the execution of functions

/scoreboard – table management

/setblock – block change

/setmaxplayers – maximum number of players allowed to join

/setworldspawn – sets a respawn point in the world

/spawnpoint – setting the player’s respawn point

/spreadplayers – distribution of entities on the map randomly

/stop – stops the server

/stopsound – stops the sound

/structure – saving or loading structures

/summon – calls an entity

/tag – entity tags

/teleport – teleports entities

/tellraw – display messages for players (JSON)

/testfor — number of entities matching the given criteria

/testforblock – check if the block is in a certain region

/testforblocks — checking the coincidence of blocks in two regions

/tickingarea – list / add / remove marked areas

/time – changes game time

/title – header management

/titleraw – header management (JSON)

/toggledownfall – weather change

/tp – teleportation (abbreviated command)

/w – display message (short command)

/wb – editing limited blocks

/weather – sets the weather

/xp – removing / adding experience to the player

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