Complete walkthrough of the first group dungeon in Black Desert

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The first group dungeon called Atoraxion has become available on the test servers of the Korean version of the MMORPG Black Desert. Videos with gameplay were not long in coming, so we publish one of them showing the full walkthrough. We invite you to watch and discuss together this long-awaited innovation, which has been requested by many players.

If you missed the announcement, let us remind you that the Atoraxion dungeon consists of four parts, which are planned to be added gradually. The video below shows the desert location of Vaamakia – it will be available first of all on the main servers this summer.

As the developers clarify, although Atoraxion is a dungeon, its size is comparable to the whole region. We are promised the right balance between combat, puzzles and exploration for a true classic dungeon experience.

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