Complete walkthrough of The Last of Us: Left Behind

image1 44 Complete walkthrough of The Last of Us: Left Behind

Chapter 1: A Moment Back

The opening scene in the DLC makes it clear that the events told in Left Behind also took place during the base game. Immediately after the chapter “University”. In addition, the video introduces us to Riley, Ellie’s friend. When you take control of Ellie, go to the escalators that are straight ahead. You will hear sounds. Ignore them, turn right into Weston Pharmacy. Crouch down and crawl under the gate. There is no enemy in the pharmacy, so you can search the entire room without delay, finding items that you can use in later chapters. Go behind the counter. You will see it to the right of the gate. Pick up the Combination Note artifact from the ground and return from the pharmacy to the corridor.

Right next to the Weston Pharmacy is the American Princess store. When you approach him, then use the notebook to open the gate. Fortunately, there is not a single enemy inside. Find the Apothecary lying in the back of the corner and take the Pharmacy Key. Before you leave, make sure you take the Pharmacist’s Notes artifact.

Go back the way you came, but don’t go straight into the corridor. There the nutcracker is waiting for you. Take the brick lying nearby, and when the clicker passes by, hit him. Use the brick to divert the clicker’s attention. Return to Weston’s Pharmacy. Use the door that you couldn’t open before – now you already have the key. Ellie will check the contents of the first aid kit, then climb out the window.

Go to the store on the right. If you try to crawl through the hole, debris will fall. When you get to the store, go right and crawl through the next hole. Search the room, you will find useful items in it. Then go right, passing through the rubble. Grab the supplies from the dead doctor and grab the Salon Note artifact lying next to the body.

When you exit the store, go down the stairs and jump over the railing. And so ends the first chapter of the game. The other one will send us back in time, showing Ellie before she met Joel.

Chapter 2: Rats

Run for Riley. Crawl under the door, then grab the Wanted Poster from the table at the back of the room. Once up, jump onto the damaged floor. The first trophy can be found next to the Skylights logo on the wall.

Keep following Riley, who will show you around the mall. Go down the closed escalator, turn right and take a step back. You will reach a poster on the wall “Available Escape”, which will start another conversation. When the conversation ends, turn back and go straight to the escalator you recently used. Not far away, you will find a poster with water pistols, which will start the next conversation.

Keep following Riley until you reach the last escalator. Then follow Riley to the tent. There, a cut-scene will begin, during which the girls will quench their thirst with alcohol. When you exit the tent, walk straight ahead for a few meters until the sixth conversation begins. Follow Riley until he asks you to help him raise the beam. Look straight ahead at the door and the passage under it. Help Riley through the hole to get inside.

Go right to the back of the store, put on the mask, which will activate the conversation. When the conversation is over, follow Riley around the store. Point Ellie to the middle of the shop where you will find the witch mask. To the left of the entrance you will find the Triple Phoenix Mask. Go to the shop where you will find the magic skull.

It’s time to leave the store. You will find the exit near the Triple Phoenix mask. Riley will offer a game in which you need to collect bricks and break all the windows in the car. If you do everything faster, you will get the Throwing Masters trophy.

Once the competition is over, run after Riley again through some double doors and down the stairs. When you go downstairs, instead of going straight, turn left through the door and take Winston’s note. Then go to Riley and press the switch, which will restore electricity to the building. Follow Riley until the end of the second chapter ends.

Chapter 3: So Close

We are returning now. Ellie’s job is to find drugs at a mall in Colorado. Before starting your search, go right until you reach the wall, then turn left where you will find an Atrium Note artifact lying on the ground. Turn back and see a closed room with a generator. You need to restore power to get inside. Turn left, follow the cable lying on the ground. Go through the double door with the word “Maintenance”. You’re safe for now, so go ahead and follow the path, looking for scattered items that might be useful to you. When you reach the end, turn left and you will enter a room with a flooded floor. At the back of the room you’ll find a generator that you won’t be able to start for now. Nearby you will find a hose and a canister. Look around and you will find jars scattered around. Collect them.

After you find the empty jars, you will encounter four infected. They don’t know you’re here, so it’s best to use Ellie’s skills to check their position in the room. Move slowly and stay out of their line of sight. If you have the opportunity, attack them with a knife. If you are spotted, use the pistol. Once you’ve killed all four, find the large truck located in the middle of the room. On the passenger side you will find the gas tank. This way you will get the gasoline you need to run the generator. Return to the generator, fill it with gasoline and start it.

To the right of the generator is the gate. Pass through them and go up the stairs. Once you’re at the top, go left and then straight into the room. Jump on the truck and collect items. Then go to the back of the truck and jump off it. At the same time, inspect the cabinets. Then open the garage door – first the door on the right. Collect scattered items. Go under the door, then jump and climb the boxes on the left until you get to the vent. Go to the very end, jump down and open the double door, behind which you will find five infected, including a nutcracker. Turn off the flashlight. Get to the right side of the room and calmly walk to the end, and kill the clicker at the door.

You have returned to the room where you started the current chapter. This time there are two clickers inside. A brick can help distract them. If something, create a Molotov cocktail and throw it at the nutcracker. It is possible that the sounds will cause other infected to come into the room. Then go through the gate, go up the stairs and turn left. Approach the tent and take the Atrium Registrar artifact from the floor.

If you left the enemies alive, they will surely follow you. Walk right next to

Chapter 4: Fun and Games

The fourth chapter takes us back to the past again. Jump on the carousels and ride them. After you’re done, run to the photo booth next to the carousel. You can enter it, where you will receive the bronze Budgerigar trophy.

After leaving the photo booth, head to the restaurant next to the carousel where you told Riley’s jokes. Inside, you’ll find a “Kitchen Note” artifact on the counter. Go to the escalator and Raja Arcade where you can get two trophies. First in the left corner at Jak X Combat Racing. Use it and get the “Nobody’s perfect” trophy. In the same place, to the right of the store, you will find a second car that you can use. Defeat the Black Fang without taking any damage and you will receive the Angle Knives trophy.

Walk down the corridor, go through the rubble and turn right towards the mannequins. Go through the double doors into a room with more mannequins. On the left you will find another door, use it. A cut-scene will start, after which you will start a water cannon duel with Riley. After you count to five, you must shoot your girlfriend first. You must defeat her twice to win the Skills trophy. And so we come to the end of the fourth chapter.

Chapter 5: The Enemy of My Enemy

After jumping out of the helicopter, run straight ahead. On the right side of the corridor, there is a small hole with a dead body inside. Take a photo of the crew from the body. If you see a bow and arrow, then you have gone too far and passed the body.

Use the bow to destroy the three hunters. Don’t shoot because there are a lot of hunters in the area. After killing them, take out the shots. Try to kill the hunters when they are behind the rest. Remember, when they see the body of the deceased, they will be more vigilant and aggressive.

When you kill the last hunter, go to the Octopus Records store where you can find supplies. After that, go straight into the corridor, where you will enter the air channel. At the end on the right you will find a body. Take the duct recorder. This is the eleventh and final artifact that will allow you to unlock the bronze trophy.

Look around before exiting the ventilation duct. Below you are hunters and infected people. Use bricks to lure hunters to locations with infected. Throw a Molotov cocktail at the infected; You can also kill them using a bow.

Search the inventory and then leave the clothing store. Turn left and go down the corridor. It’s blocked, so climb up the rubble on the right and jump into the shop. Use eavesdropping because the infected and a few hunters are nearby. Use the same tactics as before. Throw a bottle or a brick next to the hunters. After walking around the store, check its corners – you will find many useful things in them. Always try to keep the bottle or brick in your hand. At the end of the store, on the left, open the door. Go to the left where you will hear the hunters trying to force the security door. Kill them silently using a bow, then use a bomb or a Molotov cocktail to kill the two hunters just below you.

Go down the stairs. When you try to open the security door, several hunters will attack you. Take cover in the nearby shop on the right. You will find quite a lot of supplies in it, including arrows. Collect them all. There is a ladder at the back of the store, use it. Kill the enemies you meet from above. To the left of the stairs you will find a room where you can hide.

When the hunters leave, destroy the infected, preferably with a bow. This is the hardest part. And try to be as quiet as possible.

Once the area is cleared of enemies, return to the security door and open the shop. In a moment, you will finish the chapter.

Chapter 6: Escape from Liberty Gardens

The final stage is a mixture of events from the past and the present. Follow Riley and help her open the garage door. Go left and grab the cart, then use it as a prop for the garage door. Follow Riley, keep to the right. Kill all infected people. Then return to Riley.

The rest of the chapter is just a scene showing the end of the Left Behind DLC.


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