Conan Exiles Guide – Crafting Golems in Age of Sorcery Chapter 3

The third chapter of the Age of Sorcery expansion for survival sim Conan Exiles releases March 14, 2023. In honor of this, the developers have prepared a guide for players, from which you can learn more about one of the innovations – the creation of golems. These satellites can be customized to suit almost any need. They will make valuable resource collectors and powerful warriors.

Blood of the Giant Kings

The powerful sorcerer Mek-Kamosis has had a vision and has tasked you with collecting a mysterious new resource – blood crystals, which he will need for the ritual. They say that when death came to the giant-kings, the earth soaked up their blood. There, for centuries, it dispersed under the earth’s firmament along rivers of liquid stone.

Centuries have passed. Over time, the blood cooled and hardened into crystals. Now it returns from the depths and contains the power to revive the earth itself. Look for and destroy new creatures to snatch crystals from their bodies.

But Mek-Kamosis is not the only one who can use these crystals. Speak with Master Carver Juan, who lives near Mek Kamosis at its Peak (or at the outcast camp on the Isle of Siptah), to take your first steps in the arcane art of animating golems.

Make a golem to fight or get rich

After talking with Juan, you will be able to craft a Golem Workbench and a Guardian Assembly Workshop. Looking into the workshop, you will see cells, each of which is responsible for a part of the body of your golem.

After that, the workbench comes into play. Create golem parts on it and insert them into the desired slots in the assembly workshop. Each golem consists of six parts: a head, a torso, and a pair of arms and legs. You don’t have to collect all six pieces to animate your golem. Headless and armless golems also have the right to exist, although they will be of little use in combat.

Of great importance for the golem is the material that you choose for it. The most basic golems can be made from stone, and the most powerful golems will consist entirely of blood crystals. But all parts of the golem, even stone ones, require some amount of blood crystals to create. Parts of stronger and more specialized golems can also be obtained in the form of loot during the game, and several recipes can be obtained for knowledge points. Some parts are even sold by master carver Huang for blood crystals, although his stock is always changing.

To give a golem a weapon, it must be crafted along with a hand at a workbench. Depending on how you want to use the golem, it will need a certain type of weapon. For example, you can put a sickle or scythe in his hand so that he picks plants well. Or you can give him a hammer to collect minerals. Some weapons are well suited for both combat and collection. Let’s say an ax cuts both trees and limbs with equal ease.

Give the golem a target

Perhaps your golem does not have a soul, but he does not have to take strength. Unless otherwise ordered, the golem will follow you and protect you with whatever you equip it with. To tell a golem to collect a material, put that material in its equipment. Then, if it can be found in the given area, and the golem has the right tool, it will start gathering on its own.

More fine tuning is available in special cells of the body. Make a guard head with a lightning rod and watch as the golem harnesses the power of thunderstorms to destroy your enemies. Or craft a Guardian Lotus Burner Torso to give the area around the golem a buff based on the chosen lotus.

In the process of creating a golem, it can also be covered with sulfur or tar. Both of these golems will fight enemies just like the others, but in addition, the brimstone golem will be able to choke enemies that hit him with a cloud of gas, and the tar golem will create puddles of tar on the ground that can be set on fire. You will be able to throw a fireball at a golem surrounded by enemies and see how it stomps towards you on a pile of fried bodies.

When creating golems, it is important to understand that they cannot be healed, and the damage they take will eventually make the golems completely useless. Therefore, you will return to the craft of reviving golems again and again, each time creating new combinations for yourself.

On the other hand, the durable bodies of the golems can periodically take hits without consequences, and you can unlock prestige traits to heal other companions, which will allow the golem to live longer.

As you travel through the Exiled Lands, you will collect new golem parts and create ever higher quality models. Connect these new parts and try all sorts of combinations. Only one golem can fight for you (or two with the right prestige trait), but nothing prevents you from keeping an entire army in stock to replace him.

We hope you enjoy the idea of ​​your own custom golem companion as much as we do. Already the dark sorcerer, who lives somewhere in the back of consciousness in each of us, will definitely be pleased to watch how his creation tramples enemies without further ado.

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