Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Expired from Early Access

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Conan Exiles has announced the massive Isle of Siptah expansion from Early Access on all platforms. The release was accompanied by patch 2.4.4, which brought many additional improvements.

The main innovations of version 2.4.4:

  • The new religion for the Exiled Lands and the island of Siptah is the spider-god Zat.
  • Improvements to mounted combat and dodges.
  • The ability to fight in the water.
  • Improvements to the thirst and hunger mechanic.
  • Tons of new and improvements to old animations.
  • Improving the usability of management and interface, especially for controllers.
  • Many other fixes.

As a reminder, Funcom released the Isle of Siptah DLC in Early Access in September 2020. It added a huge new island, Siptah, with different mechanics, recipes, enemies, and more. In the expansion, players also start out with new characters.

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