Conan Exiles – What should not be done at the beginning of the game?

In Conan Exiles, the most important thing is to survive in a less favorable environment. Below is a list of a few things that we must not do under any circumstances at the beginning of the game.

Water source

Do not go too far from the water source – as this is an important element of survival. At the beginning of the game, don’t stray too far from water sources. This will keep you from dying of thirst.

Exploring the world

At the beginning of the game, don’t go too far – at the beginning of the game we are weak and inexperienced. So try not to go too far in the game world, because the farther from the starting point of the game we go, the stronger the opponents and the less favorable environment.

Real men don’t eat raw meat

Don’t eat raw meat – until you unlock a certain skill in the “survival” section. Do not eat raw meat, because this can lead to food poisoning, which will end in death.

Don’t attack

Do not attack everything that comes in your way – when you notice superior opponents, it is worth going around them by another road and marking their location on the map in order to return to this place in the future. At the beginning, there is no chance of defeating some of the opponents, so it is pointless to fight them.

Keep track of your health

Don’t enter the fight with low health – Health does not regenerate automatically in Conan Exiles. To increase it, we need to eat. When the health level is quite low, it is worth eating food first and only then taking on bold challenges.

The night is dark and dangerous

Try not to go out at night – nights in Conan Exiles are dark and unpredictable. While the darkness can be lit with a torch or fire, in the event of a sandstorm, the best protection is to stay at home.

Leave items in the locker

Do not carry valuables with you – after our hero dies, he will lose all the items that he had (in order to return them, we need to find our body). Do not carry too many valuable items with you. Before you go on a long journey, it is better to hide them in a chest in our hideout.


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