Constellations and the collection of Star plates appeared in Black Desert Mobile, we figure it out together

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Publisher Pearl Abyss has decided to update Black Desert Mobile. Three new Constellations have been added to the game, the passage of which will give a boost to your main character and altas. What should be the conditions for the opening of the Constellations? First, it is BS 55,000 or higher. You also need to complete the quests “Awakening the Black Spirit” and “Dead Stars”. Passing the constellations, you can get a lot of Silver.

Next, we are engaged in the collection of Star Plates. This event lasts for two weeks. After collecting a certain number of plates, they can be exchanged for tokens of Valor. This will come in handy for the Constellation. They farm in the following way: collect, extract, cut down and destroy enemies in the Great Desert. In addition, they fall in the Nightmare and the Castle.

Next on the list is the Ragos Gift Shop. If you spend 400 million Silver, you can get sand, scrolls of restoration and other delicious gifts. This topic lasts a week. Next comes the “Action for Fans”; the more spectators at the Black Desert Mobile tournament, the higher the rewards.

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