Cookie Run: Kingdom is gearing up for a collab with BTS

Cookie Run: Kingdom will soon meet the members of the BTS group. For now, we are preparing for a series of teasers.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game that has begun to appear trailers with the upcoming collab: the group BTS will come to the world of cookies. There is no exact start date for the collaboration, but from September 23 to 30, the developers will release teasers of 7 BTS members, including photo cards and 13 videos.

Note that for permanent victories in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you need to buy the “Royal Pass” and other necessary items. Residents of the Russian Federation can do it, like us, through a proven service Safe Zone Market.

During the new event in Cookie Run: Kingdom, each member of the BTS group will transform into a unique Cookie, and players will be transported to themed maps with a new story created specifically for the new update. The event will culminate with an in-game BTS concert.

The creators of Cookie Run: Kingdom decided to collaborate with BTS because they see their fans as brave and able to unite to achieve unprecedented heights.

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