CorelDRAW X4 download torrent For PC

CorelDRAW X4 download torrent For PC CorelDRAW X4 download torrent For PC

CorelDRAW X4 download torrent

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CorelDRAW X4 torrent download quality program for editing raster and vector graphics. Typically, the application is used by designers or photographers who want their images to look chic and catchy. Edit any pictures, change photos, create banners, advertising layouts, logos, and more. And all this in just a couple of minutes. The program has a lot of improvements compared to the previous version.

Program features

In version X4, many of the tools have been updated and improved. First of all, I would like to note the preview screen, which has become much better. Now you can watch text changes in real time, and not just the whole picture in the context of filters and effects. New fonts and coloring have been added to the text to make your image look even more impressive with any inscriptions. Now work with tables is simplified, there are new opportunities for comfortable editing of interactive columns and cells. This made it possible to safely import and export tables from other applications. If you’re using Windows Vista, dance. The program is perfectly integrated into this particular OS, which provides certain options and functions that are not available in other operating systems. As for other integrations, synchronous support for many popular products has appeared here, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD and others from Adobe Systems and Microsoft. In total, in total, there are about 50 different improvements for the X4 version. Unfortunately, many plugins and templates are not installed by default. This is all visible when installing the program, if you click on the “Advanced” tab. Therefore, we advise you not to rush, but to carefully check all the tabs before installing the final version of the application. There you will find plugins, tools, filters that can be installed additionally by the same loader. And about them in the same place you can read more detailed and global information. Select the checkboxes for those elements that you need to install, and safely use them in the program. Download the CorelDRAW X4 torrent and use all the tools available to make your image even better and better.

Software processes

The CorelDRAW X4 program, in addition to having a lot of additional plug-ins that need to be installed, also contains its own presets and filters. Take advantage of them to make your product as unique as possible. Improved pairing with PDF files. If earlier, when inserting some kind of PDF, the program could not read the Cyrillic alphabet, now it has become possible. And quite well, although the Russian language is still not held in high esteem here. We advise you to pay attention to the plugin ConceptShare. It was created for high-quality collaboration on a specific project. You just need to connect to the Internet and allow access to other users. And you can change the product, discuss it in real time. Also, it contains thousands of fonts and unique templates used to create a product not from scratch. There are embedded photos that are unique. All images are not even similar to each other.

CorelDRAW X4 features

  • editing any formats;
  • unique tools;
  • more than a thousand templates, photos, fonts;
  • changes in real time;
  • interactive connection of other users;
  • support for a lot of plugins and filters.

The CorelDRAW X4 torrent download is worth it to anyone who is actively involved in photography and wants to learn how to create masterpieces from them.

System requirements

  • OS version: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64bit/32bit


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