CorelDRAW X7 download torrent For PC

CorelDRAW X7 download torrent For PC CorelDRAW X7 download torrent For PC

CorelDRAW X7 download torrent

Size: 4.27 GB | Seeds: 811 Lychees: 59

CorelDRAW X7 torrent download is for everyone who often edits photos and creates various similar projects. If you are creating images, illustrations, web banners, advertisements, layouts, then this software will come in handy for you. Unlike many similar applications, Corel has always stood out and was considered one of the best. Of course, it’s pretty hard to compete with Photoshop and other Adobe Systems products, but CorelDRAW does it.

Program features

The new version of CorelDRAW has brought a lot of new and unique things to the application. First of all, I would like to note the new interface. The menus and main tabs are laid out in a new way, so you’ll have to get used to it. If you don’t want to get used to it, you can restore the old interface, or change it to your own. Drag and drop any parameters, remove tools and add new ones. Here is a completely customizable user interface. You can make it the same as in Photoshop or classic Illustrator. These programs are not integrated with each other in any way, so if you want to download auxiliary libraries to expand the toolkit and general functions, you will have to use other products. Although, the tools and functions presented in CorelDRAW X7 should be more than enough. Among the updated tool, I would like to highlight the fountain fill. You can independently adjust its parameters, depth, thinness of the layer and transparency. The program carries a lot of pre-installed plugins. One of these presets is Photo-Paint. And the functions of this preset have also improved. The performance improved in CorelDRAW x7 allows the user to use multiple monitors at once to create one project. Previously, this was not available, because the program did not have enough power. Of course, the high power of the computer hardware must also be present. Optimized work with touch screens. In particular, work was carried out with the pressure function. Draw directly on the touch screen and create masterpieces. Download the CorelDRAW X7 torrent and start taking photos with passion.

Software processes

The program has been significantly updated and with the new version it looks even cooler than before. Most of the functions are as comfortable as possible, even a beginner will figure it out. Meet Concept Share, a feature that allows you to work on the same project together. You simply connect another user (or several) to your account and start working together. This is very beneficial, especially when you need to leave, but you don’t want to stop working on a project. A colleague, for example, is far away. Just add him to the project and he will be able to use all the benefits of the application remotely. To use the applications to the fullest, you do not even need to have any professional skills. In the course of work, you will figure it out, and the program will help you with this. The new version has provided automation of the process, allowing you to save time on creating a project. You can disable automation, but it is much faster and more convenient to work with it. The program is divided into categories of tabs. Open the menu item that corresponds to your current task by reading about it in the description.

Features CorelDRAW X7

  • new technologies;
  • unique tools;
  • a lot of new features;
  • process automation;
  • interactive collaboration;
  • integration with other services from Corel;
  • export and import in different formats.

You can download the CorelDRAW X7 torrent now, the program was released a long time ago.

System requirements

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit) Service Pack Latest
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free hard disk space


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