Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe download torrent For PC

Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe download torrent

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Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe torrent download real time strategy action video game. Fight for one of the presented factions, destroy the rest and become the sole leader of a fictional world. The game features a lot of countries for which you can play and become powerful, destroying all the others. Don’t waste a minute, install the game and go through its great missions. Also, you can play online.

Story line

You can play both alone and online. The single player campaign is interesting, unique and different. The historical exploits of the chosen country and its adventures are told. Defeat various enemies, destroying one after another. Fight against a mass of opponents, improving your army, pumping it and developing it in every possible way. In the single player campaign, everything looks a little different than in the last part of the series. The fact is that the construction of its own base, castles, economic development fades into the background here. It is more important in the game to participate in battles and develop diplomacy. Negotiate with other states about reconciliations, about alliances, so as not to attack each other, but to fight together with other opponents. Of course, there is also a build mode where you can build a powerful base that can protect the main castle. There you can also improve the army, hire new soldiers, sending them to the next battle. Network game is one of the most popular modes. No more than 8 people can participate on one server at the same time. Including host. The creator sets up the battle parameters, selects the number of people, bases, limits the time to set up and complete the entire battle, and also determines the location. Territories can be huge even when playing 1v1. It all depends on the host. The multiplayer is unique and of high quality. Everything works quickly and without any problems. In total, 6 main nations are available in the game. Choose any of them and fight for your honor, destroying the rest of the opponents. Download torrent Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe, install the game and start going through the campaign, and then fight in the online battle.

Game process

The main goal of the game is unchanged – you need to destroy the opponent (or several) opposite. To do this, you can extract resources, create defensive structures, improve military bases, hire soldiers, and so on. All buildings are developing, as well as units. There is both an infantry and a naval base. It is necessary to create soldiers for melee and ranged combat, and also do not forget about the peasants. They can also go on the attack if you need to defend the castle. But, usually, all the peasants are engaged in the extraction of resources. Each individual detachment must have its own leader, who would raise the military spirit. Believe me, with him you have more chances. When all soldiers are inspired, it gives more opportunities and perspectives in the future battle. However, not only this affects the course of the game. Another very important factor is shooting and endurance. The first option is very important, because many units have a fairly long weapon reload time. And while they are reloading the rifle, the enemy will already destroy it with a rate of fire. Endurance is worth developing, especially if the terrain is mountainous or uncomfortable. So the units get tired faster.

Features Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe

  • there are 6 factions in total;
  • many battles;
  • large-scale battles;
  • collection of resources, mining;
  • defensive actions, attack;
  • high-quality network game;
  • advanced single player campaign.

Download torrent Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe and fight with your friends in a unique multiplayer!

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Pentium 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Video card: 64MB video memory
  • Hard Disk Memory: 5GB


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