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Counter-Strike 1.6 is the most alive and we will tell you how to play it

In childhood and adolescence, everyone played and continues to play Counter-Strike. First it was version 1.6, then Source, and after it – the still current Global Offensive. I played all versions and each one left its own unique impressions, but the most lamp ones, of course, from Counter-Strike 1.6.

You might think that no one supports such an “ancient” game as CS 1.6, and if you want to download it, then some viruses will definitely come out. In fact, the opposite is true – allows you to download the Russian version, a lot of collections with pre-installed mods, skins for weapons, maps, player models and configs like in NaVi. It was the assembly from Natus Vincere that I downloaded.

I will note a pleasant moment – even with assemblies, Counter-Strike 1.6 weighs no more than 300 MB. It is downloaded in the .exe file format, after installation of which the player immediately gets to the main menu, where he is offered one of the many servers.

At this moment, you rejoice at the fact that you see Russian-language servers filled to the limit. On each of them there are people who will not yell at you with English and Polish obscenities just because you speak Russian. Instead, each server is a separate “ecosystem” with its own veterans, generals, and newcomers. Interestingly, on the same de_dust 2, you can hear how the guys from the opposite team greet each other. Yes, and the settings for each server are different, they will need to be downloaded once.

It is the lightness of small groups in Counter-Strike 1.6 that makes it still unique. In the same Global Offensive, you constantly encounter random players, AFKers and cheaters. But the servers that can be accessed through builds from are protected by VAC.

Will my PC or laptop run Counter-Strike 1.6?

If you have a “weak” computer or laptop, then you should not be upset – CS 1.6 was released in 2000, so here are the optimal system requirements:

  • Processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz;
  • 128MB RAM;
  • Video card with 32 MB of memory.

It turns out that even if you have an integrated video chip (built into the processor), then Counter-Strike 1.6 will just fly. Yes, and for more powerful devices, too, there are advantages. For example, in order to play modern projects, I need to manually and each time increase the processor performance and turn on the maximum fan blowing, which makes it comfortable to play in closed-type headphones. But with the assembly of CS 1.6 from the site everything is fine – at least somewhere the gaming laptop does not overheat.

Okay, well, who plays CS 1.6? “Old men” or youngsters?

You will be surprised, but young people play in Counter-Strike 1.6, mostly under 25 years old. Of course, there are also older gamers. At the same time, the audience is not as small as in the same Roblox, so you will not hear the squeaky voices of children.

What are the mods for CS 1.6?

I note that all assemblies, configs, etc. can be downloaded completely free of charge from the site You will not see any embedded ads. Here is a small list of the best mods:

  • Predatory waters (riptide) – Players will be able to use skins in the style of Operation Predatory Waters from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • anime assembly — contains a set of fantastic weapons with unusual animation and lighting;
  • NaVi with HD skins – has 27 skins with NAVi gloves and logos on clothes for two teams;
  • The Second World War – contains realistic weapons and skins of Soviet or German soldiers for the two sides of the conflict.

So, is Counter-Strike 1.6 worth downloading?

I enjoyed playing CS 1.6 and even remembered my youth by joining a server with a zombie mode. This is what, except for the Mansion and De_Dust 2 maps, I remember this version. I remember fighting off the dead for the special forces, clinging to the corner with allies, or changing the class of my zombie in order to quickly get to the people and bite them. This game has all this and more. Play for health.

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