Cover Up, I’m Recharging: Verdun Creators Prepare Realistic Shooter Isonzo

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The developers from M2H (made by Verdun) continue to delight fans of realistic shooters: they are going to release Isonzo on older platforms. As the name suggests, players will be placed in the Alps, where the battles of the Isonzo were fought. On one side were Italy, France and Great Britain, and on the other were Austria-Hungary and Germany. Since this happened during the First World War, players can expect long reloads from their weapons.

The developers, as always, worked out in detail the maps, military uniforms, weapons, and so on. You have mortars, artillery, air support or a trusty bayonet available. You should be afraid of poisonous gas, which became a real plague of the First World War. From locations there are mountains, destroyed cities and rivers. There are several classes, among them snipers and engineers (can cut barbed wire). In general, they promise a realistic atmosphere.

Isonzo will be released in 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Russian localization is not expected. The game can now be added to the wishlist.


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