Crabada strategy will allow you to earn crypto and NFT

Project Crabada launched on iOS and Android. If you are looking for a Tamagotchi simulator with the ability to earn crypto, this might be the perfect option.

Crabada is a mobile strategy where we create our own army of crabs, upgrade them, feed them and send them on an adventure. Your warriors differ not only in the level of pumping, but also in the class and faction to which they belong. Of course, since this is a P2E project, players need to mine resources in order to upgrade crabs and sell them as NFTs, earning crypto and bringing it to real.

Adventures in Crabada are divided into levels where we get a maximum of three stars. Before the battle, the game offers to place your warriors in positions, as well as see how much power your and enemy units have. The battles themselves take place in an auto-format, and to withdraw the crypt, you need to connect an external account, for example, MetaMask. Well, as in other Tamagotchi crypto simulators, you can create new types of crabs that will take characteristics from their parents.

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