Crime Corp. – a robbery simulator on iOS, there are hints of Payday

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The developers of Knights Fight: Medieval Arena are currently working on a new project, Crime Corp. This is a simulator of a bank robbery and other hot spots. In essence, the gameplay is represented by a series of mini-games. Initially, we will be asked to tap at the right time to hack the local system and turn off the alarm. There are three mistakes that can be made; experienced characters can get the job done faster. Decisions have to be made between games. For example, one of the gang heard a noise on the second floor. We can check or ignore this.

The safe can be opened with a drill, if you don’t put it in the developer’s pocket. It’s overheating, so be careful. Escaped hostages can call the police; firefight with them by default takes place in auto-mode. Even if you take control into your own hands and aim at the policeman, the character will still shoot past. In general, the game resembles Payday, but at minimum wages.

An early version of Crime Corp. is already available on iOS at least in the Philippines. This is a shareware project with microtransactions. There is no information about the Android version, nor about the global release. There is a Russian localization.

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