Crusader Kings 3: cheats and console commands

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CommandDescriptiontutorial.enable [gamestate / global / all (по умолчанию: global)] enable learningtutorial.disable [gamestate / global / all (по умолчанию: global)] disable learningtutorial.debugwindow show learning debug windowevent [ID события] [ID персонажа] create an event for a characterdebug_event [ID события] [ID персонажа] create a debug event for a charactertest_event [ID события] [ID персонажа] allows you to evaluate the possibility of initiating an event for the specified characterdiscover_innovation(add_innovation) show innovation for character culturejoin_era(unlock_era) [ID эпохи] move to a certain era (and all previous ones)Discover_era [ID эпохи (по умолчанию — текущая эпоха)] find out all the information about a particular eraDiscover_all_eras information about all erasset_faith [ID вера] sets the character to the specified faithdynasty_prestige [значение (по умолчанию: 1000)] increases the recognition of the dynastygain_all_dynasty_perks [ID персонажа] activates all perks for the selected character’s dynastykill [ID персонажа]kill character (default – playable character)gain_all_perks [ID персонажа] gives the character all perks (default is a playable character)add_perk [перк] [ID персонажа] adds the specified perk to the selected character (default is a playable character)Instant_birth changes the rate of childbearing (instantly or as usual)AI.declare_war The AI ​​declares war bypassing all speed checks etc.add_doctrine [ID доктрины] adds a given doctrine to a faithremove_doctrine [ID доктрины] removes the given doctrine from the faithadd_realm_law [ID закона] brings the law to the stateadd_realm_law_skip_effects [ID закона] adds a law to the state and also cancels the effects of the current lawset_culture [ID культуры] sets the character’s culturechange_fervor [значение] changes the level of zealadd_secret [ID секрета] add a secret to a character (default is a playable character)change_development_level [значение] changes the development level of a certain area by the specified number (default is the capital)faction_spawn [ID фракции] spawns a faction of the specified typefaction_discontent [ID фракции] [уровень недовольство] sets the specified level of dissatisfaction with the faction of the specified typefaction_demand [ID фракции] a faction of the specified type sends a requestfast_tick lower frame rateinstamove (quickmove) instant troop movementsuppress_messages mute all messages (notifications)force_save_compression compress all savesPortrait.ClearCache updating all portraitsportrait_editor (pe) portrait editorMapObjects.GenerateGameLocators generates locators for map objectsCamera.Save save camera positionCamera.Load load camera positionMap.SavePNG [режим карты] [Название файла] save .png map image with specific color modeAdjacencies.Rebuild restore all adjacenciessettings opens the settings menuscreenshot take a screenshottweak opens the setup menutextureviewer texture view modetexturelist texture listtools.skins skin editor3dstats shows 3D statisticsaudio.list_events show list of audio eventsaudio.play_event [Аудио событие] play the specified audio eventaudio.cpu_info shows current CPU loadvsync enable/disable vsyncgfx.reloadtexture texture reloadrendertype shows the rendering type being used (directX)Threading.TaskThreadCount [Количество потоков задачи] set a given number of task threadsCrashReporter.SimulateCrash simulates a crash (resulting in an exit from the game)gfx skin select active gfx skingui_editor GUI editorDumpDataTypes prints registered data typesmap_editor enable map editorMusic.StopTrack stops playback of the current trackMusic.PlayTrack [название дорожки] play specified trackMusic.Reset music restartDebug.Achievements.ResetAll blocks all achievementsexplorer object browser windowadd_lifestyle_xp_all [значение] [ID персонажа]adds the specified amount of experience to all branches of the player character’s lifestyleadd_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [значение] [ID персонажа] adds a certain amount of experience to the Diplomacy branch of the playable character’s lifestyleadd_martial_lifestyle_xp [значение] [ID персонажа] adds a certain amount of experience to the “Military” branch of the player character’s lifestyleadd_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [значение] [ID персонажа] adds a certain amount of experience to the “Management” branch of the player character’s lifestyleadd_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [значение] [ID персонажа] adds a certain amount of experience to the “Intrigue” branch of the player character’s lifestyleadd_learning_lifestyle_xp [значение] [ID персонажа] adds a certain amount of experience to the “Scholarship” branch of the player character’s lifestyleswitchlanguage [название языка] reload localization files and change languagereload [Имя файла] reload selected filetime shows the current timeminidump [путь к файлу] create a minidump (a file that writes a minimum set of data to determine the cause of an unexpected game crash)crash forced exit from the applicationdebug_mode enable debug modeGUI.CreateWidget(gui_test, test_gui) [Имя файла] [Имя виджета] create a dummy widgetGUI.ClearWidgets remove dummy widgethelplog show all console commands in game loghelp [Название команды] show all console commands or a description of a specific commandtick_day [количество дней] skip the specified number of daysstatistics log statisticstest_save save checksave [Название файла] saves current progress to diskrecalculate_modifiers recalculation of modifierseffect [{скрипт эффекта}] perform a certain effectrun [{файл эффекта}] execute a specific effect file in /runchat [сообщение] send message to chatplay [ID персонажа] change characterobserve(ob) watch the gamehello [ID персонажа] show a specific characterhello_history [ID персонажа из истории скрипта] show character from storyshow_title [тег титула] show specific titlefind_title [название титула] find titleselect_province [ID области] province selectionchange_culture [ID области] [культура] change the culture in the areamerge_culture [ID культуры] [ID культуры] merge all areas of one culture with another culturegold [значение] add goldadd piety [значение] adds the indicated amount of devotion to the player characteradd_prestige [значение] adds an amount of prestige to the player charactergive_title (gt) [титул] assigns a title to the specified characteradd_claim [ID персонажа] the specified character claims the specified titleage [Возраст] [ID персонажа] increases the age of the character by the specified numberhistorical_id [ID персонажа] shows the character’s historical ID.add_trait(at) [черта характера] [ID персонажа] adds a specific trait to the selected characterset_sexuality [сексуальная ориентация] [ID персонажа] changes sexual orientationsecret_info (si) [ID персонажа] shows full information about the character’s secretsremove_trait(rt) [черта характера] [ID персонажа] removes the specified traitpregnancy [ID матери] [ID отца (0 если отец неизвестен)] impregnates the specified female from the male.redraw_coa redraw the coat of armsyesmen AI accepts all offers and agrees with everythingnomen AI refuses all offerserror show errors in loggamelog show game logknow_schemes unlock all schematics targeting the player characterend_schemes close all schemes targeting the player characterevent_countsprints the number of debug eventsspawn_combat_army [сценарий] [сторона боя] spawning of the attacking or defending side in the battle scenariocombat [сценарий] check the battle scriptcharinfo includes character debug informationplayers list of all players on the serverkick [Имя игрока] kick the player with the given nameadd_relation [ID отношений] [ID первого персонажа] [ID второго персонажа] adds the specified number of relationship points between two charactersremove_relation [ID отношений] [ID первого персонажа] [ID второго персонажа] removes the specified number of relationship points between two charactersadd_stress [количество] [ID персонажа] increases the stress value of the character by the specified amountset_stress [количество] [ID персонажа] changes the character’s stress level by the specified amountadd_dread [количество] [ID персонажа] increases the character’s fear level by the specified amountset_dread [количество] [ID персонажа] changes the character’s fear level by the specified amountset_focus [фокус] [ID персонажа] changes the character’s focus level by the specified amountclear(clr) clear consoleAI.Enable [ID персонажа] includes character AIAI.Disable [ID персонажа] disables character AIset_diplomacy [значение] [ID персонажа] sets the diplomacy level of the character to the specified valueset_martial [значение] [ID персонажа] changes the character’s “Warfare” to the specified valueset_stewardship [значение] [ID персонажа] changes the “Control” of the character to the specified valueset_intrigue [значение] [ID персонажа] changes the character’s “Intrigue” to the specified valueset_learning [значение] [ID персонажа] changes the “Scholarship” of the character to the specified valueset_progress [значение] [ID персонажа] changes the character’s mastery by the specified valueclear_traits [ID персонажа] removes all character traitsclear_character_modifiers [ID персонажа] removes all character modifiersset_nick(set_nickname) [nick_key] [ID персонажа] name a characterremove_nick(remove_nickname) [ID персонажа] removes character nameinstabuild (quickbuild) instant construction of objects

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