Crysis Remastered download torrent For PC

Crysis Remastered download torrent

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Crysis Remastered download the remastered version torrent and play the updated action shooter game. The sci-fi action movie with a lot of battles and constant exploration of a fictional world has returned to the gaming industry market, only with a new version of a unique game. You will find updated graphics, gorgeous gameplay, an edited sandbox mode and exciting battles with enemies. You have never seen such epic battles. Crysis has been specially updated for new computers, with current generations and smart optimization.

Story line

The plot in the remastered version remained the same, original and interesting. In the game, you will have to fight with a large number of aliens and their allies. The main place of events is the coast near China. Recently, a unique spaceship was discovered there, which for a long time everyone was afraid to open. Now, when the creatures from the ship got out, reinforcements flew in with the same monsters and mutants. And you have to fight them. You will control Jake Dunn, an agent of the Delta Special Forces. His nickname is Nomad. Use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies. Among the large number of machine guns, standard machine guns and grenades, there are also futuristic weapons. Use lasers, bazookas and other explosive weapons. Install static turrets and destroy enemies from a thousand kilometers away. But be careful, because your nanosuit tends to turn off and needs to be recharged and recharged from time to time. So the player sometimes has to stop, restore their own energy and continue to run in a suit. It is he who protects the hero from any damage and blows from aliens. Also, the nanosuit gives the protagonist the ability to use super strength and combos, various tricks that allow you to destroy not one enemy, but several at once, hitting a large area. In addition to the alien troops, you will also fight against the North Koreans. Their army attacked the USA and now you have to work on two fronts. We recommend downloading the Crysis Remastered torrent for those who are really fans of the series.

Game process

Let’s talk about the good first. This is, first of all, updated graphics. It really looks better and better, all the shadows and textures have a special look, the picture is bright, light, and the rays of the sun pierce the protagonist’s eyes. The surrounding views are amazing. Still, a beach, a sea lagoon, a colorful landscape. Everything is fine. Because of this, you will often peer into the details. Compared to the original game, it’s heaven and earth. But it seems that the pleasant remarks about the remastering end there. There remained almost the same gameplay, physics, gameplay in general. Yes, all this still looks good and quite high quality, but I would like some changes in this regard. And so, we get a certain deja vu effect after as many as 13 years. The developers have changed costumes, equipment, added several types of weapons. By the way, costumes now have some new features. They also did a good job on the sounds and music.

Crysis Remastered features

  • classic original story;
  • quite a long game;
  • peace studies;
  • Science fiction;
  • constant shooting;
  • participation in large-scale battles;
  • colorful landscapes;
  • improved optimization;
  • beautiful picture, visualization.

Download the Crysis Remastered torrent and be one of the first to complete the updated game.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • Processor: i5-3450 / Ryzen 3
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video Card: (4GB) GTX 1050 TI / Radeon 470, DirectX 11
  • Disk space: 21 GB


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