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CS Source download torrent

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CS Source download torrent shooter, which is still in great demand, despite its appearance on October 7, 2004. Action-movie is considered one of the most famous and popular in the gaming industry market. For a long time, this particular version of the game competed with CS 1.6. However, she sometimes even lost to her in many ways, although she still had a large representation of fans around the world. Of course, now Source has been replaced by CS:GO, but it is still not forgotten and quite a lot of gamers play it.

Story line

Almost any part of the Counter Strike series does not have a storyline. Except for the legendary Condition Zero. But since it didn’t work out very well, Valve decided to focus entirely on multiplayer battles. And they do it much better. And so Source appeared, which became a worthy competitor to 1.6. And it’s all about the quality of the picture, which has been improved and changed here. Also, the ballistics has changed somewhat, which was very unusual for fans of version 1.6. However, everything else is the same, except for a few permutations in the maps, changes in detail and other similar minor elements. Play as special forces (counter-terrorists) or terrorists. The choice should be made at the very beginning, because if you change teams during the game, then in your personal stats it will be indicated as “-1”, as if you died. For those who follow the rating points, this is an invaluable loss. There can be an infinite number of rounds on one card if the host did not set other parameters in advance. Moreover, each round has a time limit. If the time is up and the counter-terrorist (at least one) is still alive, then they won, since the terras did not have time to plant a bomb or kill the commandos. It is worth noting that both teams have different weapons, but they are completely identical. However, if you kill the enemy and take away his Kalashnikov or Uzi, although, in fact, it will not be possible to buy it, then you can carry and shoot from it. And only special forces have a shield in their purchases that protects against bullets. Usually AK-47, M16, USP, Deagle, Glock, MPS and various types of AWP are in demand. Do not forget about grenades, as well as armor. Commandos can buy tongs to defuse a bomb twice as fast. Download the CS Source torrent and take part in numerous online battles.

Game process

The game uses a huge number of cards, both original and custom, modified. In total, there are about 28 thousand created locations for a variety of play styles. There are both open maps and closed ones, with secret passages and rooms. Each round of the new game is absolutely identical to the others. You appear at your base, buy the weapons you need and start fighting the rest of the characters. For each kill, the player receives money. They can also be obtained for the release of hostages. But do not try to kill them, otherwise you will not receive a reward and spend your money. They can be useful to you when buying weapons and equipment. The graphics in the game are quite nice, beautiful and creative, elaborate and detailed. And even for 2021. That is why a large audience of gamers chooses Source, not 1.6.

Features of CS Source

  • online battles;
  • action movie;
  • improved graphics;
  • many different locations;
  • a bunch of weapons, equipment;
  • certain tasks of each card.

Download the CS Source torrent if you have long dreamed of fighting with your friends online.

System requirements

  • Processor with a clock frequency of at least 1500 MHz;
  • 512 MB RAM;
  • DirectX 8 compatible video card with 128 MB RAM;
  • Operating system Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10
  • Disk space occupied 4.5 GB


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