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Most of the time in CS:GO we will shoot. Therefore, there is nothing to hide that the level of our game depends on our skills. For this reason, the initial rounds in Valve’s production may seem disappointing. You can suspect opponents of using auxiliary programs or of cheating. In fact, players simply have better control over their weapons than we do.

There are many types of weapons that you have already experienced. The equipment has its own parameters, such as accuracy or firepower. These elements are extremely important, but they are useless if you do not control the recoil when shooting. This is not necessary due to lack of skill or lack of mouse control. In CS:GO, every firearm has its own recoil pattern.

If you want to test the recoil of this model, all you have to do is shoot at the wall without moving your mouse or standing still. The visible pattern is the quintessence of the given weapon or the flight pattern of its bullets. Each time this pattern for a given copy will be repeated, thanks to which we can learn it. Of course, while running, the weapon behaves a little differently, but once we know the basics, we can start learning how to control recoil.

Knowing how our weapons behave, we will try to control them. The way it works is not easy, because it requires us to change the mouse movements in relation to what we see on the wall we are shooting at. It sounds difficult for a reason – mastering this art is difficult, but profitable.

It makes no sense to learn all the movements by heart. In the beginning, it is worth starting with more popular weapons such as the M4A1-S and AK-47. Effective use of these cannons will make it easier to train other models. In addition, the AK-47 is one of the most difficult rifles to master, and by the way, its model resembles the SG-553! Therefore, we can safely conclude that mastering these two weapons is an absolute foundation, but also a good foundation for further development.

This is where the muscle memory phase that professional players are known for begins. The idea is that our hand automatically makes the appropriate mouse movements to control the recoil. It just takes constant learning and practice. It’s worth practicing on a map designed for this, i.e. Recoil Master, available on the Steam Workshop. Secure yourself with a card and take advantage of its benefits. Thanks to this, you can easily learn and feel the recoil pattern of each weapon model, as well as check the shooting on the go.

Keep in mind that skillful use of full auto will not give victory. I would like to remind you that opponents usually do not stand still. Therefore, after studying the full auto, it is worth checking how continuous fire works. Of course, much more often it is better to stand still and shoot even on automatic fire. However, there are situations in which we must move quickly. To do this, you must remember about the sensitivity of the mouse. It makes no sense to give ready-made settings here, because it depends on the capabilities of the equipment, as well as on our skills or habits. However, it is worth remembering that high sensitivity makes it easier to play – we do not need to make full movements on the pad to rotate the character and aim.

We talked about recoil all the time, but in relation to continuous shooting. But what about the situation of shooting in short bursts or single shots? Everything looks the same. Thanks to the knowledge of the design of this weapon, we know how the first bullets fly. This allows us to correctly prepare for accurate shooting – knowing the behavior of this object, we know whether we should move the mouse slightly down so that the crosshair does not slip away. As a general rule, starter ammo travels as far as focused ammo, so more accurate types of fire require less skill than fully automatic. In the case of short bursts, other weapon parameters are more important.

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