Current events in Tower of Fantasy: what can I get rewards for?

Did you quickly get bored in Tower of Fantasy? Then join the exciting events in the game, besides with great rewards. By participating in events, you can get top weapons, various materials, and much more. Bookmark this page so you don’t forget anything. Let’s see what events are already in the game.

Newcomer Event – Star Navigation (Permanent Event) – Lasts 21 from character creation.

Complete tasks to get progress points. Each stage gives a variety of rewards, ranging from relic boxes, gold, and ending with an SSR item of your choice.

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The pre-registration stage is 08/11/2022 to 02/06/2023.

Many were looking forward to the game, so the developers did not remain indifferent and made high-quality registration rewards. The event is divided into 6 stages with rewards, including a limited outfit, a jetpack skin, and more. You can get all this in the “Special Operation” tab in the “Rewards” menu.

Pioneer’s Gift – From launch to August 31st.

Until August 31, create an avatar and get special rewards: a core, shard chests, gold, and the Nemesis Magnifying Glass accessory.

Limited Nemesis Cache – August 11 – August 31.

“Limited Stash” is a temporary buff that increases the drop rate of SSR items and weapons. This means that you will be able to get top gear in the first month of the release of the game.

Shoulder to shoulder. First round: from 11 to 17 August. Second round: from 17 to 24 August.

Log into the game during each of the rounds to receive a vehicle, 10 gold and red cores.

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Outposts challenge – from 11 to 13 August.

Subscribe to Twitch ToF account and watch streams to get top loot. The longer you watch, the more goodies you get.

At the moment, these are all events launched in the Tower of Fantasy game.

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