Cutting the roads of the future in 32 Secs: City Trials on smartphones

The 32 Secs: City Trials mobile game is now available on iOS. This is a futuristic arcade game with a ride between the road traffic of the future.The picture and gameplay are pleasant, but those who have played note a lot of flaws.

32 Secs: City Trials is a mobile arcade game where we have to cut the roads of the future and maneuver between cars. To get a lot of rewards, you need to manage to reach the checkpoint. In this case, you can continue, but for in-game currency or by watching ads. It is also possible to get nitro if you drive next to other transport. In addition, you need to shoot down enemy bikes and drones to get data and coins.

Despite the pleasant pictures and gameplay, many complain about the dampness of the product and the sudden reset of progress. In the latest update, the developers added an endless mode, a demo level and carried out content optimization.

32 Secs: City Trials is available on iOS and Android. This is an F2P project with ads and microtransactions up to 3 899 rubles per item… There is no Russian localization, according to the App Store.

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