Cyber ​​Gunner: Dead Code Reminds Of Archero In Cyberpunk Style

Cyber ​​Gunner: Dead Code is available on Google Play. It has simple gameplay, but you have to fight against cyborgs.

Cyber ​​Gunner: Dead Code is a vertical arcade game for smartphones. The game attracts with its cyberpunk style and simple controls. In fact, this is another clone of Archero and the like – we dodge enemies and shoot when we stop. Locations are small and often do not differ from each other. As the character is pumped, the level rises, which allows you to get new skills and buffs. There are four branches available: hacker, engineer, weapons, and AI.

Also, in Cyber ​​Gunner, you need to knock out rare equipment, which still has to be level-up. Often such things fall out of loot boxes, five pieces a day can be obtained for free for watching ads. Missions, in turn, are divided into chapters, for participation in them energy is spent, which is replenished over time. The developers promise hundreds of maps, dozens of monsters and huge bosses.

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