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Cyberpop is almost Prince of Persia with mediocre optimization

The Cyberpop mobile game has received a new update. It has NFT, so you can earn extra money on the gameplay.

Cyberpop is a mobile game that was released on iOS on June 13th, and on Android on September 12th, according to information from the App Store and Google Play. The project can be downloaded in Russia, and the gameplay and main character model are reminiscent of Prince of Persia, only with a pinch of futurism. By the way, the graphics are very beautiful, somewhere on the level of Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy, but “soapy” in the distance, and on the ultra preset, even a top-end smartphone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 heats up before leaving the game.

Cyberpop has pinpoint graphics and sound settings. As for control, there is a weak and strong attack (the difference in damage is minimal), plus the ability to climb walls or run on them like the same Prince of Persia. Beginners are recommended to go through a training session, while more advanced ones will be able to choose a support card, collect equipment and go to fights with real players, and in the main menu you can see the PvP rating.

Interestingly, on official website 2023 is listed as a Cyberpop release for all platforms. The developers also promise that players will be able to create their own NFTs and sell them. In the future, they will support AR and VR.

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